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               Special Issue 2023






Special Issue 1, January 2023
Blockchain Technology: Applications & Innovations in Business Operations
Guest Editors
Rajesh Verma
Pooja Kansra
Shamily Jaggi
Tawheed Nabi


Special Issue 2, January 2023
Sustainable Management Practices for Inclusive Growth: Issues, Challenges, and Strategies
Guest Editors
Vikas Madhukar
Monika Arora
Ranjana Kothari
Niti Chatterji
Rishi Manrai


Special Issue 1, February 2023
Emerging Trends in Global Sustainable Finance
Ajay Lunawat
Rintu Anthony
Dipti Lunawat



Special Issue 2, February 2023
Contemporary Research in Management, Social Science and Technology
Guest Editors
Sampurna Mehta
J. Baskaran
Abdu,Wamaungo Juma



Special Issue 1, April 2023
Business Continuity and Sustainability
Guest Editors

Amiya Kumar Mohapatra
Mohammad A. Wadud



Special Issue 2, April 2023
Responsible Growth and Sustainable Future of Business
Guest Editors
Jais V Thomas
Annie Stephen
Jayashree S
Madhavi Latha C H
Aneesha K Shaji



Special Issue 3, April 2023

Innovation in Economics and Business Research

Guest Editors

Samik Shome

Mohammad A Wadud



Special Issue 1, May 2023
Artificial Intelligence and its Applications on Sustainable Business
Guest Editors
Ritesh K. Singhal
Ankit Garg

Pragya Agarwal



Special Issue 2, May 2023

Building and Sustaining Business Capabilities for the Future
Guest Editors
Jaheer Mukthar K.P
Raja Kamal CH
Arti Singh
Mathiyarasan M



Special Issue 1, June 2023
Enhancing Sustainable Business Performance, through Digitalization of Operational Practices
Guest Editor
Kamalakanta Muduli

Tunku Salha Tunku Ahmad


Special Issue 2, June 2023
Contemporary Research in Social Science and Management
Guest Editors
Sampurna Mehta
R. Ganapathi


Special Issue 1, July 2023
Pertinent Issues in Economics and Business
Guest Editor

Hai Long

Mohammad A. Wadud



Special Issue 2: July 2023
Revolutionising Management: Leveraging Technology for Competitive Advantage
EditorsNisha Mary Thomas
Pratibha Rai
Kabir Sharma



Special Issue 1, August 2023
Contemporary Issues in Management and Economics
Rony George Kurien
Shampa Nandi
Nisha Mary Thomas



Special Issue 2, August 2023
Emerging Business Ecosystems in Management Practices
Guest Editor
Ganesh Waghmare

Special Issue 3, August 2023
Research Trends in Social Science and Commerce
Guest Editors
Parbin Sultana
Sampurna Mehta

Special Issue 4, August 2023
Recent Trends in Commerce and Management
Guest Editor
Nilesh Anute


Special Issue 1, September 2023
Applied Research in Economics, Business, and Management
Guest Editor
Ravichandran Krishnamoorthy



Special Issue 2, September 2023
Innovative Practices in Commerce, Management and Information Technology
Guest Editors
R K Tailor
Mohammad A. Wadud
Vigna Oza



Special Issue 3, September 2023
Sustainable Business Growth through Digital Transformation and Innovation
Ankit Garg
Ritesh Singhal
Radhika Malhotra
Yogesh Mehta



Special Issue 4, September 2023
New Paradigms in Business Management and Social Sciences
Guest Editor
Nilesh Anute


Special Issue 1, October 2023
Inclusive Workplace: The Need of Hour
Guest Editors
Naval Garg
Deepti Aggrawal

Special Issue 2: October 2023
Latest Advancements in Management and Educational Research
Guest Editors
Nilesh Anute
Amol Murgai

Special Issue 1, November 2023
Driving Change: The ESG imperative for a Sustainable Future
Guest Editors
Anu Gupta
Dipti Saraf
Priyanka Shah

Special Issue 2, November 2023
Economic and Business Management: Agile Technology
Guest Editors
Mohammad A. Wadud
Bikramjit Pal

Special Issue 1, December 2023
Shaping the Sustainable Future through Innovation and Digitalisation
Guest Editors
Hitesh Bhatia 
Anupama Dave
Ankita Sharma
Wishey Kataria

Special Issue 2, December 2023
Contemporary Issues in Applied Business Research
Guest Editors
Azeem Ahmad Khan
Sarfaraz Javed
Waseem Ahmad Khan
Aditi Aggarwal











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