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Special Issue



Driving Change: The ESG Imperative for a Sustainable Future

Guest Editors

Anu Gupta
Dipti Saraf
Priyanka Shah


       Volume 22                                     Special Issue 1                                              November 2023



Mapping Research on Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12) in Management Literature from India
Anil Sharma and Udayan Giri

Environment Disclosure and Market Performance during COVID -19: A Comparative Study between Fintech and Non-Fintech Companies
Minti Sinha and Kajal Vipani

Impact of COVID-19 on Growth of Health Insurance Sector Operating in India
Minti Sinha and Nirami Bhavsar

Customers Satisfaction and Behaviour towards Online Shopping in Ahmedabad City
Minti Sinha and Nirami Bhavsar

Approach for Sustainable Food Waste Management: A Study on Food Entrepreneurs
Neha Shah and Anitha Sunil

ESG Investing: The Returns Perspective
Venkati Muttappa and Ankita Mukherjee

Impact of Sustainable Retail Practices on Apparel Industry with reference to Mumbai
Priyanka Daya Choudhary, Devang K Nandola, Vidhi Patel and Vihang S Desai

Digital Fintech Lending: A Changing Global and Indian Perspective
Mathew Thattil and Deepika Chaplot

Energy Tourism: New Tourism Niche towards Sustainability
Niyat Shety, Vedika Sharma, Atul Gupta and Priya Sengupta

Financial Inclusion Banking for All: Comprehensive Analysis of PMJDY in India
Ashutosh Vyas, Neha Shah, Deep Kapadia and Charmi Shah

Digital Literacy Level among Students in Ahmedabad City and their Attitude towards Online Education
Minti Sinha, Dipti Saraf and Priyanka Pathak

Social Media Stocking and its Security Implications from Female Perspective
Devina Upadhyay and Richa Pandit

Impact of Organizational Factors on Sustainability Reporting: A Comparative Study between Public and Private Industry
Vaidehi Shukla and Minti Sinha

Green Banking initiatives and Practices Adopted by Public and Private Sector Banks in Ahmedabad City
Minti Sinha and Nazneen Shaikh

Association between Brand preference and Brand Loyalty of Rural Consumers: An Empirical Study on Hair Care Products
Kirit Chavda and Ankita A Mathur

Reassessing the Quality of Service Perceived in Restaurant Industry: Insights from the Saurashtra Region
Sunil Mashru and Aarti Joshi

Measuring the Impact of Perceived Service Quality of Green Hotels on Visit Intention of Generation Z by using the GLSERV Model
Mahesh Trivedi, Harsheshkumar R. Patel, Pratiksinh S. Vaghela and Ashishkumar G. Patil

Employee Engagement with respect to IT Industry
Nagendra Bisht

Review of Literature of Digital Disruptions in the field of Money Transfer, Public Distribution and Health Care System in India
Tejal Shah and Amita Garg

Measuring Service Quality through Management Service Quality Scale (MSQSCL) Model in Management Higher Education
Abhijeetkumar Singh and Priya Pandey





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