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Special Issue


Sustainable Management Practices for Inclusive Growth: Issues, Challenges, and Strategies

Guest Editors

Vikas Madhukar,  Monika Arora, Ranjana Kothari, Niti Chatterji, and Rishi Manrai



       Volume 22                                     Special Issue 2                                                January 2023



Skill Transfer through National Skill Qualification Framework as a Viable Option for Industry: Academic Link
Shubha Chandra

Examining the Intricacies of Relation of Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and Entrepreneurial Attitude for Boosting Entrepreneurial Intentions among Higher Educational Institutions Students
Mohit Taneja

Framework for Sustainable Tourism using Blockchain Technology

Design and Simulation of Tin-Halide Cs2SnI6-Based Perovskite Solar Cell for Enhanced Efficiency
Hemant Kumar

Does Behavior Matter in the Investment Decision Making? Investor’s Perspective in the Indian Stock Market 
Alaknanda Lonare

Sustainability Disclosure in Renewable Energy Sector: Evaluating the Scoring Framework
Vishwa Naik Raiker and Purva Hegde Desai

Psychology of Green Management and it’s Impact on Employee Engagement
Mamata Mahapatra and Amrita Bedi

Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Solar Energy Products
Pradip L Maheta

Understanding the Sustainable Consumption Pattern of Consumers in Chennai City
Charu Maheshwari and Shirline David

Impact of IFRS on Accounting Disclosures: A Case study of India
Ekanshi Gupta

Effect of Sustainable Human Resource Practices on Organizational Performance
Rajimol K P

Cash Management Practices at Hindustan Unilever Limited:  A Case Study
Tausifur Rehman Md

Sustainable Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Consumer Behaviour
Dipali Kale, Sushil Kumar Gupta, Radhika Mulay and Vishnu Maya Rai

India’s Economic Ecosystem Challenges for Women Entrepreneurs
Shalini Nigam, Dhruv Chopra and Sanjay Jain

Consumer Buying Behavior of Apparels in Bangalore: Analysis on pre- and post-COVID 19 Buying Behavior
Prasanna Mohan Raj

Bibliometric Analysis of Entrepreneurship Incubation Centres
Syed Ahmed Saad and Parvaiz Talib

Consumer Attitude towards Counterfeit Products: An Extension of Theory of Planned Behaviour
Ankit Garg, Swati Tripathi, Surbhi Agarwal, Deepak Tomar and Vipul Kumar

Impact of Flood and Drought on Agriculture and Health Sector: An Empirical Analysis of South Asian Countries
Faizan Shabir, Mohd Ikram, Rameez Hassan,  Aabid Suhail and Muzffar Hussain Dar





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