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Revolutionising Management: Leveraging Technology for Competitive Advantage


Guest Editors


Pratibha Rai
Kabir Sharma



       Volume 22                                     Special Issue 2                                                July 2023



Are they Financially Well? Decoding Financial Well Being of Indian Gig Economy Workers
Kamal Agarwal, Vaibhav Sharma and Anjali Rai

Integration of Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence: A Wynorrific Coalescence
Shyamali Dubey, Reetika Agarwal and Ravi Agarwal

Digital Financial Literacy: An Empirical Study on Millennials in India
Vibhuti Shivam Dube, Pooja Pandey, Pradeep Kumar Asthana and Hamid Abdullah

Managing Occupational Stress: A big Challenge in the Present Era
Rajlaxmi Srivastava, Namrata Singh and Nida Malik

A Curious Case of Financial Well Being of Indian Working Women: An empirical study
Vatsal Tripathi and Ankita Tripathi

Functioning of District Central Cooperative Banks in Chhattisgarh
B. D. Mishra and Vaishali Shriwas

Factors Influencing Customers’ Purchase Decisions in Online Shopping during Post Pandemic Period in North India
Ashutosh Shukla and Syed Haider Ali


Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence: Transforming HR Practices in Higher Education Institutions with ChatGPT
Nidhi Goyal

Impact of Buying Behavior of Professional Women towards Ready-to-Eat Foods
Bobby. B. Pandey and P. Kalpana

Revitalizing Online Education: Leveraging AI Tools for Dynamic and Personalized Teaching
Kabir Sharma, Pratibha Rai and Vikram Singh

Farmers' Assessment and Perception of New Agricultural Laws 2020: Empirical Evidence from Selected States in India
Kranthi Kiran Talapaga and K. Sreenivasa Murthy

Impact of New Technologies on Marketing Strategies and Business Processes of Manufacturing and Service Industry Firms
Vikas Bhatnagar, Vivek Kumar Pathak and Julee Banerji

Impact of Parenting on Financial Socialization: A Bibliometric Analysis
Sugandha Sharma and Monika Agarwal

Absorptive Capacity and Global Value Chain Participation: Firm-Level Evidence from India
Renjith Ramachandran, Baiju Pallayil and Angshuman Hazarika

Understanding Entrepreneurial Aspirations among Youth in India: A Focus on Key Drivers and Challenges
Laveena Pareek, Princi Gupta  and Ayushi Soni

Hybrid Workspaces, its Economic Impact and Role in Value Creation: Evidence from the IT Sector in India
Shromona Neogi and Hemlata Gangwar

Major Areas of Cyber Bank Fraud and Techniques of Prevention with reference to Artificial Intelligence
Apurva Banerjee and Maryam Ishrat Beg

Do We Need to Qualify it? Harnessing the Right Mindfulness for Good Business
Sunita Gupta, Anand Saxena and Poonam Sethi

Towards Sustainable Livelihood of Small and Marginal Farmers in India: A Journey of CCD and Farmveda
Mousumi Sengupta and Vedashree D. Arundekar

Factors Affecting Electric Vehicle Purchase Intentions: An Approach of the Developing Markets
Ishvinder Singh Ahluwalia and Anubhav Singh











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