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Special Issue



Inclusive Workplace: The Need of Hour

Guest Editors
Naval Garg
Deepti Aggrawal


       Volume 22                                     Special Issue 1                                                October 2023


Inclusion, Organisational Identification, Job Satisfaction and Task Performance: Exploration and Outcome
Radhika Girdhar and B.K. Punia

Does Corporate Financial Performance have an Impact on ESG Performance? Empirical Evidence from India
Pawan Kumar and Amit Mookerjee

Action Research Experiment and Enhancement of Student Learning Experience: An Empirical Study
Indranil Bose and Gouranga Patra

Bilateral Air Service Agreements on Air Markets in Africa
Francis Malinga, Arvind Kumar Jain and Hiranmoy Roy

Causality in Energy Prices before and after COVID 19
Nistha Srivastava, Totakura Bangar Raj and Meera M. S.

A Bibliometric Review on Stock Price Crash Risk
Monika Mishra and Laxmidhar Panda

Impact of Pandemic on Behavioural Transition in Consumption Pattern
Balpreet Kaur and  Preeti Mehra

Television Buyers in the Metropolitan City of Kolkata and its Suburbs
Subhajit Basu Chowdhury, Rupa Paul, Abhijit Pandit and Sudeshna Chatterjee

Stock Market Trend Prediction using Artificial Intelligence Algorithm (RNN-LSTM): Comparison with Current Techniques and Researches on its Effectiveness in Forecasting in Indian Market and US Market
Rajsinh Jadhavrao, Rajeev Sengupta, Ameya Patil and Rakesh S. Yadav

Relationship between Leverage Finance and Profitability of Manufacturing Company in Bombay Stock Exchange, India
Seema Thakur,  Girish Garg and  Arshad Ali Siddiqui

Impact of Organization Culture on Employee Job Satisfaction: Empirical Evidence from Hungarian Organizations
Dhanashree Katekhaye

Sustainable Strategic Investment Decision-Making Practices in ITBPM Industries
Mahesh Dattatray Gaikwad and Avinash Ganbote

Investigating the Strategic Impact of Workplace Inclusion on Organizational Performance and the Mediating Effect of Workplace Spirituality
Aastha Verma, Dinesh Kumar and Wamika Sharma

Evolution of Entrepreneurial Traits Research in Adoption of Social Media
Shilpi Gupta Vijay and Amit Mookerjee

Open Source Software Empowering Industry and Entrepreneurship: A Comprehensive Analysis
Shubham Prajapati and Kusum Lata

Mapping the Customer Journey: A Systematic Review of Recent Literature and Future Scope
Kanishka Sangwan and Rajan Yadav

Workplace Spirituality and Sustainable Social Performance: Moderating Role of Ethical Leadership
Vivek Singh and Govind Swaroop Pathak

Revisiting the ‘Guns or Butter’ trade-off: Fiscal Governance during Pandemic Implications for and Learnings from Corporate Governance
Anand Saxena and Rekha Sharma

Impact of Integrating Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain Operations of the Micro, Small and Medium Sized Businesses in West Bengal
Sohom Banerjee and Sumanta Dutta








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