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Contemporary Research in Management, Social Science and Technology

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Sampurna Mehta
J. Baskaran
WamaungoJuma Abdu


       Volume 22                                     Special Issue 2                                                February 2023




Workplace Spirituality, Quality of Worklife, Job Satisfaction and Motivation
Ramandeep Singh Nahar

Impact of Financial Leverage on Dividends of Nationalized Banks of India
Madhuri Ashok Kadam

Factors Influencing Purchase Decision of Smartphones Among Young Indian Consumers
Alpha Lokhande

Influence of Social Media on Indian Students' Academic Performance
Nandani Sharma and Amita Vijay

Organizational Perception towards Effectiveness of Advertisements of FMCG and Durable Products using AIDA Model
Roshni Sawant

Perception of Second-Hand Fashion in Indian Context: Purchase Decisions of Generation Z
Sucharita Debnath

India’s National Education Policy 2020 as a Road Map to Quality Education (Un’s Sdg 4): From Academician’s Perspective
K. Shyamala and S. Seethalakshmi

Critical Success Factors and Value-Prepositions Offered by Non-Scheduled Operators in India
Deepti Kiran and Itisha Sharma

Impact of Media Coverage of Covid-19 Pandemic on its Risk Perception in Mumbai city
Mayur S. Sarfare

Unlocking Profit Potential: Working Capital Financing Challenges for SMEs
Vijayraj Nayak and AchutaRatnaPaluri

Cryptocurrency Economics: Impact of Virtual Currency on User’s Behavior
Anshu Tyagi, Richa Mehta and Meenakshi Gautam

Digital Payments: A Pardigm Shift from Pre-Pandemic to Post-pandemic Scenario in India
Anupama Jonnalagadda and Pranati Singh Malkapuri

Factors Influencing Online Customer’s Satisfaction and Loyalty
Archana Prakash and Naveen Kumar

Unmasking the Mask
Aniket Swaraj and Rishita Premchand Prajapati

Investor Behavior and Preferences towards Securitized Debt Instruments in respect to Wint Wealth
Fleur Mario Fernandes and Somnath Dey

Relationship between Employer Branding and Work Culture Expectations among Job Seekers
Manasi Shah and Michelle Vaz

People's Perception on the 10 Minute Grocery Delivery App-Zepto’s Practices for Sustainable Future in Mumbai Metropolitan Region
Vinayak Krishnan and IshikaKhasgiwala

Customer’s Buying Behaviour towards Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medicines in Thane City
Prajakta Ganesh Mondkar

Effects of Moonlighting
Monika Gulati

Customer Satisfaction in Cellular Services: Impact Analysis of Service Quality Dimensions in India
Ajay Trivedi and Darshana Dave

CSR Stepping up to Empower Women: A Critical Study in Indian Context
Anusha Malik Tomar and Mona Mahecha

Statutory Mechanism in India for Combating Perils of Free Speech and Expression on Social Media: A Critical Study
Deependra Singh and Mona Mahecha

The Impact of Reforms on Efficiency in Power Sector in Punjab
Palki Sharma and Sanjeev Sharma

Changing Communication Patterns During the Pandemic
Ritu Bhattacharyya, Sangita Kohli, Rupali More and Priya Sengupta






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