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Building and Sustaining Business Capabilities for the Future


Guest Editors


Jaheer Mukthar K.P

Raja Kamal CH

Arti Singh

Mathiyarasan M


       Volume 22                                     Special Issue 2                                                May 2023



An Ingenious Form of Advertising: "Guerrilla Marketing Technique" with reference to Social Media Marketing
Arti Singh and Ibha Rani

Impulsive Buying Behaviour of Renewed Product
C Nagadeepa and Biju

A Conceptual Study on the Future Prospects of Forensic Accounting in India
Glady Agnes L and Lydia Jemima

A Test of Volatility in the Stock Markets of Emerging Economies in Asia - An Empirical Analysis
Jagadeesh K K and Retheesh P T

A Study on Factors Influencing the Customer’s Buying Attitude towards Online Shopping among the Graduate Students Using Mobile Applications in Bangalore City
P. Kumarasamy and A. Francy Sheeba

Perception of Rural Customer towards Post Office Savings Scheme with reference to Vellore District, Tamilnadu
Mathiyarasan M and Krishnamoorthi M

Challenges Inebriated by HR Professionals of Startups in Bengaluru City During Covid-19
Ponny Thomas and Priyanka Ghosh

Impact of implementation of National Education Policy on Wellbeing of Teachers with reference to Bangalore City
Thanuja K A and Ashwitha

Impact of Online Shopping on Retail Stores
Chandrakhanthan J, Karthika R, S. Senthilkumar, M. Surya and Dhanapal C

Factors Affecting the Adoption of Financial Technology in Accounting and Auditing Firms: An Empirical Study Using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
Sivaretinamohan R

Impact of Green Marketing on the World Market
Santhosh V. and Raghavendra Babu J

CEO Compensation and Firms Performance: An Empirical Investigation of India Panel Data
Shubhanker Yadav, Sanjay Rastogi, Shalini Singh, Yashmita Awasthi and Bhavna Sharma

Impact of Amalgamation on Cost Efficiency of Selected Banks in India: A Data Envelopment Analysis
Y. Jaya Krishna, T. Sivagami and Fr. Jince George

Boosting Potential on Omni Channel Retail Business Strategies through Digital Hub in India
Sivarethinamohan R and Sreethi Rebeka R

Crisis Management on the Basis of the Marketing Approach for Development of Innovative Potential of the Organization
Surjit Singha, Raja Kamal Ch

Progressive Structure: E-commerce Business in Bangalore over a Decade:  OLA and UBER Service
Shashi Kumar M and Kenneth Wilson Bavachan

Customer Subtlety: An Insight into the Online Retail Return
Vijaya Kumar R and Sateesh Kumar T K

The Next Stage of Business Sustainability with Social Standard
Chandrakala M and Raja Kamal Ch

Smart Phones Addiction and Psychological Effects: Empirical Study Among School Children in Post Pandemic
Somasundaram T,  Arti Singh and Chandrakala M

Entrepreneurial Success and Risk perception among Women Entrepreneurs of MSME, Bangalore
M S Kokila, Shubha Chandra and Raja Kamal Ch

India’s position in sustainable development goals
Dhanpal P. and Raja Kamal Ch

Effect of the Closure of Movie Theatres and the Subsequent Adoption of OTT Platforms among IT Professionals in Bengaluru
Vipulkumar N. M. and Ajith P Mathews

Evaluation of Successful Implementation of Six Thinking Hats Techniques in Corporate Sector
Rashmi Gupta

Types and Functioning of Microfinance Institutions in Maharashtra
Ameena Sabooni

Five Selected Big Corporates in India about SDG Implementation and Role of Management Accountant to Improve the Same
Ashish M. Puranik

Organic Farming: Challenges and Opportunities in India
Nitin Ranjan and Lavkush Singh

An Analytical Study of Status of Foreign Direct Investment in Various Sectors of Indian Economy
Lavkush Singh, Nitin Ranjan and Vivek Raj

COVID-19 vs Eyeconomics: An Economic Analysis of the Private Eye Care Sector in Bengaluru, India
Mahammad Habeeb and Archana Girish Kamath













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