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Latest Advancements in Management and Educational Research


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Amol Murgai



       Volume 22                                     Special Issue 2                                                October 2023


Impact of Microfinance on Women Empowerment: An Empirical Study
Birajit Mohanty, Sapana Sharma and Sunil Kakkar

Navigating the Landscape of Employee Engagement through a Comprehensive Literature Review
Manjula Khulbe and Pankaj Kumar

Preferences for Food versus Cash Transfer in India: An Analysis of Multinomial Logistic Regression Model
Mahendran Arumugam

Development of Concept of Human Resources Accounting and Model for Human Resources Valuation
Birajit Mohanty, Saurabh Sharma and Krishna Chaitanya Jha

Importance of Women Empowerment for Inclusive Development of India and its Multiplier Effect on Society’s Holistic Growth
Geetanjali Sharm and Uma C Swadimath

Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Brand Loyalty: A Systematic Literature Review and Meta-analysis
Shrikant Diwan and Minal Nistane

Motherhood and Workplace Interaction: Workplace Discrimination and Retentions that Influence the Mothers Career Outcome
Soumya S and Deepti Dabas Hazarika

Modeling the effect of IT Enabled Business Transformation on Tourism Sector: The Case of Jammu and Kashmir
Safique Ahmad Khan, Ajay Kumar Pandey and Rishi Manrai

Does Personality Traits Relate to Meaning of Brand?
Seema Laddha and Vatsala Bose

Stock Market Trend Prediction using Artificial Intelligence Algorithm (RNN-LSTM) - Comparison with Current Techniques and Research on its Effectiveness in Forecasting in Indian Market and US Market
Rajsinh Jadhavrao, Rajeev Sengupta, Ameya Patil and Rakesh S. Yadav

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: A Review
Prathamesh S Nadkarni, Prabha Singh, Vaidehi Paithankar and Amruta Kulkarni

Measuring the Impact of Work Experience on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors
Jagannath Mohanty














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