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               Special Issues 2022




Special Issue 1, February 2022

Post COVID Cutting Edge Strategies: Healing, Strengthening and Adaptation of New Normal

Guest Editors

Raveesh Krishnankutty

Chandan Parsad

Aviral Kumar Tiwari


Special Issue 2, February 2022

Research Perspectives in Management, Economics and Law

Guest Editors
Aloysius Edward J
Vijay K. Vishwakarma
Vandana Samba
Akmal Shahzad

Special Issue 3, February 2022
Reflections on Showing Processual Research on Management and Economics
Purnima Chaudhary

Special Issue 1, April 2022
Emerging Technology and Innovative digital marketing for connected consumers
Guest Editors
Pawan Kumar
Lokesh Jasrai
Gursimranjit Singh

Special Issue 2, April 2022
Organizational Sustainability, Management and Technology
Guest Editors
Ramita Abdul Rahim
Sharidatul Akma Abu Seman
Fatiany Abdul Kader Jailani
Murni Zarina Mohamed Razali

Special Issue 3, April 2022.
Contemporary Issues and Challenges in Management and Economics
Guest Editors
Preeti Sharma
Bhaskar Arora
Antima Sharma

Special Issue 4, April 2022
Contemporary Issues in Economics and Management
Rony G. Kurien
J. Meenakumari

Special Issue 5, April 2022
Contemporary Issues and Opportunities in Humanities, Management and Technology
Guest Editor
Hiresh Luhar

Special Issue 1, May 2022
Processual Research on Management, Economics and Technology Science
Purnima Chaudhary

Special Issue 2, May, 2022
Transforming Business Industries through Artificial Intelligence in Emerging Economies
Guest Editors 
Rubee Singh
Anil Kumar

Special Issue 1, June 2022
Markets, Economics and Businesses in the New India
Guest Editors
P.C.K Rao
Vipin Jain
Shakir Ullah

Special Issue 2, June 2022
Building Back Better: A Sustainable, Resilient Recovery after COVID 19
Guest Editors
Jaheer Mukthar KP
Manoj PK
Sivasubramanian K

Special Issue 3, June 2022
Current Challenges in the Organizational Growth
Guest Editors
Sk Fasi Ahamad
Shivaprasad G
Sajjan Choudhuri

Special Issue 4, June 2022.
Management and Economics: Contemporary Issues and Challenges
Guest Editors
Preeti Sharma
Bhaskar Arora
Antima Sharma

Special Issue 1, July 2022

Pertinent Issues in Behavioural Finance

Guest Editors

Ranjit Singh

Rafiqul Bhuyan

Jayashree Bhattacharjee


Special Issue 2, July 2022
Business and Economics in the Contemporary Era
Guest Editors
Mohammad A. Wadud
Samik Shome

EEL Special Issue 3, July 2022
Academic Research in Management, Sciences and Humanities  in the Current Era
Guest Editors
Syafrizal Syafrizal
Sampurna Mehta
Taufeeque Ahmad Siddiqui

Special Issue 4, July 2022
Emerging Issues in Contemporary Economics and Business
Guest Editors
Mohammad A Wadud
K Sreenivasa Murthy

Special Issue 1, August 2022
Strategy & Management - An Innovative Approach in Management: Advances and Applications
Guest Editors
Vineeta Agarwal
Pooja Jha
Nodira Rustamova

Special Issue 2, August 2022
Economic Value in Markets and Business
Guest Editors
Sk Fasi Ahamad
Shivaprasad G
Sajjan Choudhuri

Special Issue 1, September 2022
Digital Transformation in Knowledge based Economy through Artificial Intelligence
Guest Editors
Surabhi Singh
Parag Shukla

Special issue 2, September 2022
Developing Resilient and Sustainable Business
Guest editors
Mayur Shah
Swati Saxena

Special Issue 3, September 2022
Building a Resilient Global Economy
Guest Editors
Manas Roy
Oum Kumari R
Monika Mathur

Special Issue 1, October 2022
Reviving Investment and Banking Reforms challenges
Guest Editors
Sk Fasi Ahamad
Shivaprasad G
Sajjan Choudhuri

Special Issue 2,: October 2022
Moving towards Digitalisation in Business Practices
Guest Editors
Natasha Dzulkalnine
Norliza Che Yahya

Special Issue 1, November 2022
Consumer Behaviour Analysis in Retailing and Tourism
Guest Editors
Sunil Kakkar
Anukrati Sharma

Special Issue 1, December 2022
Measurement of Economic Growth in Banking and Finance Sectors
Guest Editors
Sk Fasi Ahamad
Shivaprasad G
Sajjan Choudhuri









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