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Current Challenges in the Organizational Growth


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Sk Fasi Ahamad
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Sajjan Choudhuri




       Volume 21                                     Special Issue 3                                                June 2022



Behavioral Analytics and Neurofinance Application through Facial Coding on Individual Investors across Generational Cohorts
Christina Shiju

Digitization Effect on Consumer Behavior
Amita Arora, Aishwary Awasthi and Subhi Singh

Impact of Training on Efficiency of Employees
Deepak Pandey, Meenakshi Sharma and Sanjay Nautiyal

Challenges Faced by Developing Countries with respect to Corporate Social Responsibility
Aman Bansal, Amit Dangi and Rajesh Gupta

Brand Awareness of Rural Consumers towards Branded FMCG in Hilly Areas of Uttarakhand
Sachin Gupta, Sanjay Nautiyal and Chand Saini

Correlation and Regression Analysis of Road Accidents and Mortality Rate: A Case Study of Uttarakhand
Poonam Gupta, Aman Bansal and Kunal Rawal

Role and Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Accounting Function: Indian Perspective
Guthi R K Prasad and Byju John

Cryptocurrency and Technology Automation: Customer Perspective to Use Digital Marketing and Fintech Automation Process during COVID 19 in India
Swaroop Mohanty and Neha Pati

Financial Inclusion: Impact of Insurance and Pension Inclusion on the Economic Development of Nigeria (2003-2020)
Haruna Abdullahi, Jide Oladipo and Anu Keshiro Toriola

Relation between Lesson Study and Self- Efficacy
Aman Bansal, Praveen Kumar Jat and Sh. Sachin Gupta

Effective Classroom Management Model
Poonam Gupta, Subhi Singh and Chandan Kumar Dubey

Emotional Education for School Students
Sanjay Nautiyal, Madhavi Sharma and Sh. Rajesh Gupta

Conceptual Extensions of the Transformational Leadership
Vikas Dhawan, Meenakshi Sharma, Prasenjeet Samanta

Attitude of Student towards their Work and Study
Manita Devi, Aishwary Awasthi, Aman Bansal

An Overview of Strategic Integration in Human Resource Management and Other Sectors
Jasbir Dhanjal, Bijal Shah and Gopal Arora

An Overview of Strategic Implementation and Its Aspects
Rishi Sikka, Amit Kumar Shrivastav and Aashka Thakkar

An Overview of Consumer Behavior and Its Various Aspects
Bijal Zaveri, Tanmay Goswami and Sweta Kumari

A State of the Art Review on International Business
Amit Kumar Shrivastav, Ashishkumar Bhatt and Sachin Goswami

A State of the Art Review on Business Plan
Rajneesh Tyagi, Priya Raman and Dipak Gaywala

An Overview of Organizational Development Concept
Sushmita Singh, Ratish Sharma and Praveen Kumar Thakur

An Analytical Study on the Usage and Addiction of Social Media Applications: Instagram
Sonu Suresh Nair and Bhargavi Hemmige

An Empirical Study on Dark Web and Anonymity
Bhargavi D. Hemmige

Phenomenon of FOMO Resulted in Phubbing Behavior of Youngsters
Sonu Suresh Nair and Bhargavi Hemmige

Review on Dark Web and Online Anonymity
Karthik Soorya M R and Bhargavi D Hemmige

Insta Addiction: A Case Study on Instagram Addiction and Behavioural Influence among College Students in Bangalore
Twinkle S and Bhargavi D Hemmige

Influence of Perceived Attributes over Purchase Intention of Smartphones
Arokiaraj David, Amrinder Singh and Vishal Srivastava

Influence of Brands on Acculturation: Role of Brand Self- Connection and Brand Prominence
Varalakshmi S and Arun Bhattacharyya






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