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Reflections on Showing Processual Research on Management and Economics

Guest Editor

Purnima Chaudhary

       Volume 21                                     Special Issue 3                                                February 2022


Impact of Consumers' Attitude and Perception towards Impulsive Buying Behaviour at Organized Retail Stores in Malwa Region of Punjab
Harkomaljit Singh Dhillon and Jaskaran Singh Dhillon

4E’s of Metaverse Ethics: Conceptual Model and Research Agenda
Kumar Saurabh and Yashika

Development of Compressed Natural Gas in India: A Geo-Technical Study
Sumeet Gupta, Githa S Heggde and Debkumar De

Integrated Supply Chain Model for Supply Chain Efficiency
Sumeet Gupta and Githa S Heggde

Awareness Level of Integrated Marketing Practices among the Managers of Selected Public and Private Sector Telecom Companies of Rajasthan
Tanuja Singh, Jyoti Dashora, Mahender Kumar and Karunesh Saxena

Work Engagement in COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Literature Review
Jyoti Arya, Anand Hindolia and Jahnavi Patky

Human Resource Development in Indian Industries: Policies Practices and Implementation
Vidhu Gaur

Mobile Workplace Learning: Adoption and Learner Attitudes
Swati Bhatia and Veenu Arora

Management Re-demarcated: Investigation and Ethical Restitution
Ashim Lal Chakraborty and Pramod Kumar

Moderating Effect of Demographic Variables on the Relationship of Online Advertisements and Online Consumer Behaviour in Rajasthan
Richa Pareek and Nishtha Pareek

Content based Image Retrieval Techniques
D. Saravanan

Control Measures in Tata Consultancy Services: A Case Study
Ankita and Shreyanshu Singh and Ravi Agarwal

Study of Ability the Executives Rehearses and Effect on Maintenance of Workers in the Data Innovation Industry in Pune Region
Nilesh R. Berad and Jyoti M. Singh

Profitability of Power Sector of India
Sayesha Lakhina and  Manish Didwania

Impact of COVID-19 on QWL of Doctors
Partha Lodh, Saileswar Ghosh and Arindam Ghosh

Consumer Behaviour for Cosmetic Products Consumption with focus on Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle Cosmeceutical Products
Abdullah Bin Junaid, Richa Arora and Mohd. Danish Chishti

An Initiative to Minimize the Barriers to Green Human Resource Management with reference to Indian Manufacturing Sector
Shubhangee, Ramaswamy and Parag Kalkar

Entrepreneurial Development of Artisan in ODOP in Uttar Pradesh to Boost Economy: Strategies for Socio-Economic Welfare of Artisans
Uma Sankar Yadav, Ravindra Tripathi and Mano Ashishi Tripathi




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