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Contemporary Issues in Economics and Management


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Rony G. Kurien
J. Meenakumari


       Volume 21                                     Special Issue 4                                                April 2022



Are Indian Markets Efficient? Empirical Testing for Normality of Prices and Abnormality of Returns around Earnings Announcements
Kiran Kumar K V

The Mediating Role of International Linkage and Industry Interface In Management Education
Asha Mathew and J. Meenakumari

An Exploratory Study of Risk Models from Farm to Fork Food Supply Chain
Papri Ray, R. Duraipandian, Abhishek Pandey, Adarsh Acharya K
[Abstract] [Full Paper]

Entrepreneurial Readiness of Women Students: A Study in Technical Institutions of India
Archana M S, Vijaya Kumar M N and M S Shyamasundar

Crypto Currency in India: An Analysis
Nisha K Kumar and Anitha S Yadav

Does SEBI Regulation Improve the Quality and Performance of Commodity Derivatives Exchanges in India?
B. Brahmaiah

Changing Attitude of Professionals towards Job and Career due to Pandemic: A Study of Corporate Governance Reform Needs after COVID 19
Anil Kumar, Chhavi Sharma and Ashwani Kumar

Risk Perceptions and its Effect on Online Shopping Behavior amongst Youth
Venkatesh R, Sunil M. Rashinkar and A. Lenin Jothi

Effect of E-Banking Fraud on Adoption Intentions of E-Banking services: A Study on Semi-rural Indian Women
Varsha Yadav and Rishi Manrai

Factors Influencing the Usage of Digital Banking Services: A Case Study approach
Leena George

ADR on Unauthorized Trading by A Trading Member of the Stock Exchange: A Case Study on Arbitral Award
Bezawada Brahmaiah

Are Occupational Stress and Burnout Big Monsters?
Sandeep Kaur and Munish Kapila

Business and Entrepreneurial Strategies for Development of  Indian Small Industries  (MSME) during Post Pandemic COVID-19Indian Artisans as Entrepreneurs
Ashish Kumar, Mitu Mandal and Uma Shankar Yadav

Workplace Happiness: A Key to Organizational Success and Sustainability in VUCA World
Gunjan Anand, Amit Kumar and Tarika Nandedkar

Sensitivity of the Indian Stock Market to COVID 19
Maria Evelyn Jucunda M

Employee Productivity: An Analysis of Dimensions and Methodology through Systematic Literature Review
Shivangi Singh and Nirmala Chaudhary

Ease of Doing Business and Macroeconomic Variables in India
Manas Roy, Monika Mathur and Aditya Dhawan

Granger Causality Analysis on Volatility  of Gold Price amid COVID-19
Vinitha K

Grass Root Business to Business Intelligence: A Case Study of Lijjat Papad Showing Efficiency and Effectiveness of Cooperative Model
Shantanu Saurabh, Veenita Singh, Shubham Gaurav, H K Singh

Impact of Advertisement on Usage of Ayurvedic Products: A Case Study of Patanjali Ayurved
Gururaj Phatak, Pushpa Hongal and Nagaphanindra N.

Transition from Traditional TV to OTT: Need of the Hour
Madhu Jasola and Omkar Ghosh

Evolution of Entrepreneurship Constructs across Eras
Sakeerthi S, Bhanu Prakash R and M Ramesh Kumar

Impact of Non-Performing Asset on Efficiency and Stability of Indian Banking Sector
Humaira Fatima, Nikita Singhal, Shikha Goyal, Sapna Kumari and Shweta Nagar




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