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Processual Research on Management, Economics and Technology Science


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Purnima Chaudhary



       Volume 21                                     Special Issue 1                                                May 2022


Case Based Employee Turnover at Banking Sector with reference to The Navanagar Co-operative Bank Ltd, Jamnagar, Gujarat
Geetanjali Chauhan and Urvi Amin

FDI Inflow in India: Trends and Impact of COVID 19
Shalini Singh and Shivani Aggarwal

Customer Preference Analysis of Jewellery Brands in India
Nidhi Sharma, Raksha Thakur, Ajit Upadhyaya and Sumit Zokarkar

Impact of Financial Technology on Customer Satisfaction of Banks in Hyderabad
Bijja Srinivas, Surendar Vaddepalli and Bijja Vishwanath

Individual Investors' Behavioural Attitudes toward Investment Decisions, with Risk Appetite as a Mediating Force
Poonam Malik and Ramesh Kumar Garg

Influence of Company’s Policy on the Ordering Intentions of E-Food Customers during COVID 19 Pandemic
Suraj Prakash Singh, Abhay Singh Chauhan, Sofia Khan and Atish Khadse
















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