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Innovative Research in Management and Social Sciences

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Abdu Wamaungo Juma
Sampurna Mehta




       Volume 21                                     Special Issue 3                                                November 2022



Inclusive Leadership Practices and their Role in Improving Innovative Work Behaviour among Staff in Higher Education Institutions
D. Sunder Reddy, Martina Rani and Esther Ratna

Service Quality and Employer Branding: A Case of Food Zone India Pvt. Ltd
Vivek Pachauri and Yachna Malhotra

Framed Disinformation by the Media with special reference to News Coverage of Citizenship Amendment Act 2019
Rakesh Kumar Yogi and Vijay Kumar Mishra

What Influences Admission Decisions in Higher Education? Role of University Brand Personality and University Brand Image: A PLS-SEM, IPMA and ANN Approach
Abdul Rahim Ahmed Munshi

Mera Doordarshan Mera Vidyalaya: A Goi Initiative using Public Service Broadcaster, ‘Doordarshan’ As a Platform for Education during the Pandemic
Aparna Dwivedi and Rama

Regional Growth and Disparities in Indian Economy
Shekhar Verma and Ritu Goel

Relationship between Public Expenditure and National Income in India: An Analytical Study
Odai Abdou, Ravirajsinh Karmvisinh Gohil and Ehab Alabd

Impact of Perceptual Determinants on Individual’s Donor’s giving Intention and Behaviour on Non – Profit Organization
Abeda Shaikh, Satish G. Athawale, Kiran Bhagwan Mohite and Sachin Ashok Mandle

Outbound Tourism with special reference to Travel Agents in Mumbai
Gaurav Raman Arora and Kishor Bhanushali

Demographic Analysis and its Impact on Consumer Buying Behaviour with respect to Footwear Industry
Loovena Atwal

Gender Inequality among Academics– Different Shades of Disparity
Ritu Bhattacharyya, Sangita Kohli, Sampurna Nand Mehta and Raghavendra S. Bendigeri

Relationship between Student Enrollment in Mentoring Programs and Academic Performance
Abeda Shaikh, Khushboo Mishra, Nicole D’Silva and Bernadette D’Silva

Green Marketing Strategy: Future of Marketing
Niyat Shetty, Rohit Kichloo, Vaibhavi Dalvi and Sampurna N and Mehta

Web of COVID-19 in Indian Industries: Evidence from Textile and Apparel
Surbhi Bhardwaj

Performance of Top 10 Large-Cap & Mid-Cap Equity Mutual Fund Schemes from the Point of View of Amcs for the Period 2012 – 22
Milind Dalvi, Hemal Thakker, Kushagra Goel, Dhara Vora and Jagabandhu Padhy

Post-Covid Changes in Consumer Preferences for Social Media Marketing in India
Prerna Garg, Surbhi Naruka and Nitin Sharma

Electronic Human Resource Management (E-HRM): A Review
Pradip Kumar Das





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