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Contemporary Issues and Opportunities in Humanities, Management and Technology


Guest Editor
Hiresh Luhar


       Volume 21                                     Special Issue 5                                                April 2022



Facilitators and Barriers Influencing the Use of Digital Payment Services in India
Navita Roy and J. K. Tandon

A Comparative Study between Commodity Market and Stock Markets
J. Mounika Reddy and E. Jalaja

Technological Enhancement in Financial Services and its Positive Impact
Sanjay Ganesh Mishra

Awareness of Cryptocurrency among Young Investors with reference to MMRDA Region
Rutika Deoo Malik and Raashid Mehmood Shaikh

Forecasting Using Short Term Interest Rates in India
Koel Roy Choudhury

Impact of a Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Policies on Financial Performance as a Road to Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Durdana Ovais, V. Selvalakshmi, Shubham Choudhary and Prajakta Das

Impact of Speed Reduction on Operational Performance of Merchant Vessels Using AI
Captain Shashank Jahagirdar and Chhabi Sinha Chavan

Impact of Destination Brand Building through On-Screen Media in India: A Study on ‘Sacred Games’
Shruti Auplish and Kavita Chauhan

Bibliometric Analysis on Capacity Building Development: Contemporary Requisite for Small Holder Farmers
Himani Sharma, Bindu Arora, Aanchal Singhal and Kapil Pandey

A Comparative Analysis of Internet Access in India
Jasbir Singh

Constitutional Protection- Legal and Institutional Framework for Refugees in India
Alpika Srivastava and Sony Kulshrestha

Developing a Framework for New: Normal Supply Chain Management
Ritu Chakraborty, Rajesh Chouksey and Dinesh Sonkul

Industry 4.0: A Transition from MAA To TECHNOMAA
Saee Sharad Sawant

Journey from Brand Elements up to Brand Image
Ashish Sharma

Social Media and Cybercrime: The Interlink
S. Mercy Suhasini

Synchronization of Technology and Human Resource Practices for Sustained Competitive Advantage
Preetha Suresh and C B Venkata Krishna Prasad

Factors Influencing Buying Behaviour of Consumers towards Smart Phone in Indian markets
Chinmay Gandhi and Ishita Ganguly

‘Crushed Thrice’: ‘Triple Burden’ on Working Moms during COVID Lockdown in India
Rani Susmitha, Ravi Prakash K, Deepika Nayak and Ravi Shankar Bhakat

Employee Engagement Level of Private Sector Nurses of Hospitals in Coimbatore
A. Narasima Venkatesh, Ashish Mohture, Pratima Verma, K. S. Meenakshisundaram, Shilpi Kulshrestha and Anil Chandhok

Mandate of Corporate Social Responsibility in India in the light of the Companies Act 2013
Varini Bhardwaj and Sony Kulshrestha

Food Delivery Apps: A Last Mile Digital Advantage for Restaurant Industry
P. Vikrant Kumar and Marisetti Sai

A Non-Parametric Analysis on Consumer Buying Intentions and Influencing Factors towards Life Insurance Products and Services
SurekhaAdiki, P. Sairani and K. Siva Nageswara Rao

Understanding and Evaluation of Video Consumption over Digital Platforms in Telugu States
S V V S V Prasad, Mohammed Khaja Qutubuddin and Sneh Tripathi

Role of Brand Communication and Brand Trust on Brand Loyalty in Mobile-Telephony Services
G. Radha Kiranmayi

Total Quality Management in the Apparel Industry with reference to Kalamkari Art
Surekha Adiki, P. Sairani, M. Sangeetha and K. Siva Nageswara Rao







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