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               Special Issues 2021


               January 2021 - December 2021

Special Issue, February 2021

New Normal Economics and Public Policy

Guest Editors

Amiya K Mohapatra

Pradeepta K Samanta


Special Issue, March 2021

Management of Business, Environment and Economic Issues

Guest Editors

Krishanveer Singh

Aruna Dhamija


Special Issue, April 2021

Evolution of Business, Economics & Sustainable Practices

Guest Editors

Krishanveer Singh

Aruna Dhamija

Purnima Chaudhary


Special Issue 1, May 2021

Research Insights On Management, Social Science, Literature, Law and Science

Guest Editors

Kanwaljit kaur Marwaha

K J Vargheese

Ajit Singh

Shipra Arora

Shilpa Gupta

Poonam Rajharia


Special Issue 2, May 2021

Charting New Dimension for Business and Management

Guest Editors

Amirul Afif Muhamat

Norliza Che Yahya

Syukrina Alini Mat Ali


Special Issue 3, May 2021

Management for Managing Sustainable and Economic Changes in the 21st Century

Guest Editors

Aruna Dhamija

Somesh Dhamija

Krishanveer Singh

Purnima Chaudhary


Special Issue 4, May 2021

Coping up with the Post-Lockdown Economic Environment

Guest Editor

Asha Prasuna


Special Issue 1, June 2021

Research Perspective in Management and Economics: Process & Outcome

Guest Editor

Krishanveer Singh

Purnima Chaudhary


Special Issue 2, June 2021 

Apotheosis: Business, Applied Management and Economics 

Guest Editors 

Wishey Kataria 

Surjit Kaur 

Inderpal Singh


Special Issue 3, June 2021

Emerging Avenues of Research in Economics and Management Sciences

Guest Editors

R.K. Dwivedi

Ankit Saxena

Satendra Kumar Yada


Special Issue 4, June 2021

Organization's Strategy, Economical and Financial Growth after COVID 19

Guest Editor

Nila A. Chotai


Special Issue 1, July 2021

Financial Innovation and Green Economy

Guest Editor

Amiya K Mohapatra


Special Issue 2, July 2021

The Dragon and The Elephant:  A Comparative Study of Indo-Chinese Economy

Guest Editor

Jaheer Mukthar KP


Special Issue 3, July 2021 

Impactful Research in Economics, Management and Business 

Guest Editors 

Shivani Vashist 

Piyush Kumar Gupta 

Anirban Sarkar 

Payal Mittal


Special Issue 4, July 2021

Building Business and Economic Resilience in VUCA World

Guest Editors

Parveen Singh Kalsi

Manpreet Kaur


Special Issue 5, July 2021

Contemporary Issues in Economics and Management in Post-COVID 19

Guest Editor

Abhishek Singh

Special Issue 1, August 2021

Sustainability & Innovative Management Practices in Uncertain Times

Guest Editors

Abhinava S. Singh

Mayur Shah

Rajesh Desai


Special Issue 2, August 2021
Innovative Research in Management, Social Science and Humanities
Guest Editors
Ramesh Ch Mohanty
Vijit Chaturvedi
Guru Basava Aradhya
Nishikant Jha


Special Issue 3, August 2021
Data Analytics in Social Sciences
Guest Editors
Sudhi Sharma
Anchal Gupta


Special Issue 4, August 2021

Global Perspectives on Business, Economy and Society (Part 1)

Global Perspectives on Business, Economy and Society (Part 2)

Guest Editors

Piyush Kumar Gupta and Payal Mittal


Special Issue 5, August 2021

Sustainable and Business Practices in VUCA World

Guest Editors

Sameer Varma and Manpreet Kaur


Special Issue 1, September 2021
Pertinent Issues in Management and Economics

Guest Editors
Wishey Kataria
Inderpal Singh
Vishal Kumar


Special Issue 2, September 2021

Practices of Business Management and Economics in Research

Guest Editor

Krishanveer Singh


Special Issue 3, September 2021

Evolving Dimensions of Economic and Sustainable Development

Shaveta Kohli

R. K. Dwivedi

Satendra Kumar Yadav


Special Issue 1, October 2021

Sustainable Business Resilience and Development: Perspective and Practice

Guest Editors

Sonia Singh
Kamalakanta Muduli
Ritugeet Kaur


Special Issue 2, October 2021

Sharing Economy: National and International Strategies


Purnima Chaudhary


Special Issue 3, October 2021
Economic and Business Issues during COVID 19 Pandemic
Guest Editor
Mohammad A. Wadud

Special Issue 1, November 2021

Transformation in Economics, Business and Management in The New Normal Era

Guest Editors

Nurul Syifaa Mohd Shakil
Chong Siew Huay
Muhamad Khalil Omar


Special Issue 2, November 2021

Multidisciplinary Academic Research in the Current Era

Guest Editors

P. Sai Rani

Khushbu Agarwal


R. Ganapathi


Special Issue 3, November 2021

Changing Customer Preferences for Digital Banking and Insurance in an Emerging Economy

Guest Editors

V. Sivakumar

U. Arumugam

S.P. Dhandayuthapani


Special Issue 1, December 2021
Business Transformation for Sustainable Development in the Post-Pandemic Era
Guest Editors
Jashandeep Singh
Shelly Singhal


Special Issue 2, December 2021

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach for Sustainable Development in 21st Century in Emerging Economies Perspectives

Guest Editors

Rubee Singh

A Arun Kumar

Piera Centobelli

Rajesh S Kumar

Special Issue 3, December 2021
Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Business Era
Guest Editors
Lokesh Arora
Arjun Suresh

Special Issue 4, December 2021
Dimensions of Economics and Business towards Sustainable Development
Guest Editor
Mohammad A. Wadud






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