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Global Perspectives on Business, Economy and Society

Part 2

Guest Editors

Piyush Kumar Gupta

Payal Mittal

               Volume 20                                     Special Issue 4                                                   August 2021


Influence of Social Media on Peer Communication and purchase Decision
Vijay Prakash Srivastava, Mini Srivastava, Monika Srivastava and Shubham Srivastava


Impact of EWOM Adoption on Intention to Travel: A Review of Literature in the context of International Tourism
N A. Ponnila Harshavardhini and Savitha Nair


Precious Metals and its Hedging Ability against Inflation: An Empirical Testing in India
Rajesh R. and A. SatyaNandini


Factors Determining Investment Decision of Households in Bengaluru City
Rajesh G. and S. Rajendran


Digital Transformation of SMES in the time of a Pandemic: A Comparative Study of India vis a vis the BRICS Nations
Manav Agarwal, Sai Prathiksha and R. Ratchana


Sustainable Education in the New Normal
Sunanda Vincent Jaiwant and Kiran Vazirani


Optimizing Employee Engagement during COVID Times for Sustainability in the New Normal
Sunil George and Hari Sundar G


Impact of Skill Development Training on Employee Performance and Productivity
Steevan Pinto, Poonam Sahoo and Rashmi Uchil


Impact of COVID-19 and Global Financial Crisis on the Demand for Essential Goods: Evidence from US Market
Rangasamy Sangeetha, Vaddi Jahnavitha and Tejas Rastogi


Talent Retention Strategies towards the Organizational Effectiveness: A Literature Review
D. Shanthini and Savitha Nair


Priority Sector Lending by Indian Bank
S. Prasanth and S. Sudhamathi


Liquid Mutual Funds and Savings Bank Account in context of Indian Economy
Sagarsivakumar and Archana Singh


Employee performance in Post COVID Situation: A Resonance between Psychological Contract and Employee Engagement
Neena P C and Abraham Varughese


Improving the Effectiveness of Recruitment through Social Networking Sites
K. Chellamma, R. Venkatesan and L. Vajayashree


Tough Spot for MSMES: Indian Scenario on Financial and Manpower Recovery from the Pandemic
Bhanu Prakash and Sakeerthi S


Financial Parameters Affecting the Share Price of the Five Selected Company with reference to Pre COVID & POST COVID
Usha N, Gulshan Kumar S and Prajwal V J


Impact of GST on Common Man’s Perception with respect to COVID 19 in Bangalore South
Usha N and S.Venkatesh


Impact of Work from Home on Organizational Culture
Ranjitha P. K


Management of Liquid Oxygen Consumption during 2nd Wave of COVID-19 in Karnataka


Role of Personality Attributes for Entrepreneurial Success, Sustainability & Growth
Meera Uday, C.N. Udayashankar and Aishwarya Uday


Impact of Social Media on Consumer Decision Making Process: A Review
Bharath Bhushan B and U Bhojanna


Effect of Social Capital on Rural Households Welfare in Eastern Wollega Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia
Gemechu Getahun and Nila Chotai




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