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Impactful Research in Economics, Management and Business

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Shivani Vashist
Piyush Kumar Gupta

Anirban Sarkar

Payal Mittal


Volume 20                              Special Issue 3                                               July 2021


Capital Structure Effect on Liquidity: A Study on NSE listed Non-Financial Companies

Rakesh iM and iJanet iJyothi iD iSouza



Time and Cost Performance  Status of Sikta Irrigation Contract 

Anjay Kumar Mishra and Prakash Yadav



Testing the Beta Stationary and Multiple Structural Breaks during Demonetisation: Indian Stock Perspective

Soumya Shetty and Janet Jyothi D Souza



Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability of Social Enterprises Participating in Farm Supporting Activities

Jagriti Jaiswal, Divya Negi Ghai, Ankita Bajpai, Preeti Tyagi and Shalini Srivastava



Disparities in Primary Education in West Bengal

Dilip Barik and Ratan Kumar Ghosal



Business Ethics at Deep Tone Submersible Pumps Pvt. Ltd.

Rakesh Pathak and Rahul Chauhan



Cohesion Coherence Interdependency in D.H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers

Shyam Ji Dubey



Effect of Increasing Number of Workers with Informal Job on Productivity in Indian Manufacturing Industry

Sudip Mukherjee, Subhasis Bhattacharya and Anirban Sarkar



Paradox and Harmony in Lord Ganesha: An Analysis of Gita Mehta’s Eternal Ganesha

 Mamta Bhatnagar



Neuromarketing Managemental Applications in Marketing

D.M. Arvind Mallik and Azharshaheen S.S.



Impact of Emotional Intelligence of Employees on Organizational Effectiveness in IT Industry

Komal Nagrani and B.V.D.S. Sai Pavan Kumar



Development of Job Involvement Scale for Teachers

Sandhya Mehta and Nidhi Sharma



Dominant Role of Video Conferencing in Today's Learning and Teaching Environments

Branko Medic and Sanja Vujnovic



Improving Liquidity Adjusted Value at Risk Forecasts with the Conditional EVT Approach: Global Evidence

Ravi Khadotra and Akanksha Batra



A DEA Application in Indian Telecom Industry: Does Managerial Efficiency Improve in the post- Mergers and Acquisitions Period?

Neha Verma and T.R. Pandey



Ranking of Top 20 Pharmaceutical Companies in India using TOPSIS

Subrata Jana and Snigdha Basu



Modelling the CSR Initiatives on Firm Performance: A Context of Emerging Economies

Rubee Singh, Jacinta Dsilva and Rajesh S. Kumar



Prediction of Financial Distress: A Case of Selected Indian Civil Aviation Companies

Himanshu Jain, Akhilesh Kumar Mishra and Vijay Anant Athavale



Telecommunication Sector of India: Savior of the Economy during COVID-19

Tanu Yadav and Ravish Pandey



Customer Perceptions towards E-Delivery Channels of Banks in Punjab: An Empirical Study

R.K. Uppal



Does People’s Attitude towards Disabled Change during Crisis? An Exploratory Study on COVID-19 Pandemic

Imad Ali and Ambreen Iftikhar



Role of Advertising Media and its Content in Decision regarding Selection of Tourist Destination

Kakali Majumdar and Shipra Misra



Economics of Microfinance Utility with SHG Model for Women Empowerment: A Solution for Deprived Section in India

Shantanu Saurabh, Veenita Singh and Shubham Gaurav






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