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The Dragon and The Elephant: A Comparative Study of Indo-Chinese Economy


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Jaheer Mukthar K P



               Volume 20                                     Special Issue 2                                                   July 2021


Assessing the Immediate Impact of Covid-19 on the Stock Markets of Selected Countries
Jyothi Manoj, S R Krishnapriya and Bijin Philip

Impact of COVID-19 on Leading Pharmaceutical Companies Stock Prices Listed in BSE, India
Pushpa A, Raju V, Jagadheesh K K and Gaadha B

Factors Associated with Obesity in Women in Brazil and its Regions
Samanda Silva da Rosa

Role of Operations Management in Driving Growth of Manufacturing Industry in India
Girish Bagale and Sawankumar Naik

Oil Price, Exchange Rate and Stock Price Interactions: Evidence from Asia’s Largest Oil Importing and Exporting Countries
Muhammad Ashiq A M and O.P.C. Muhammed Rafi

Motivational and Driving Factors on Women Entrepreneurship Venturing in India
Kahkashan Khan

Gender Divergence on Entrepreneurial Inclination: A Pragmatic Assessment of Engineering College StudentsR. Sasikala and T.K. Murugesan

Elusiveness of Financial Position: An Evaluative Study on Fiscal Deficit of Tamil Nadu State during the Year 2004 – 2009
V.S. Murali, M. Thenkovan and G. Ashok

Migration and Urbanisation: Economic Impact of Labour Force Movement from Rural to Urban Areas in India
Raju V., Sivasubramanian K., Tinto Tom, Jagadeesh K.K. and N.V. Mahesh

Assessing Valid Constructs for Entrepreneurship: An Empirical Study of Engineering Students
T.K. Murugesan and R. Sasikala

Economic Status of Domestic Workers in Informal Sector in Chennai, India with Reference to Women Workers
Raju V., Sivasubramanian K., Thenkovan, Jagadeesh K.K. andN.V. Mahesh

Strategies to Create E-Commerce Solution for Carpet Industry
M Rashid Malik and Rekha Prasad

Contemporary Logistic Challenges for E-Commerce in India: Amazon on Response
Rakesh Suryadevara and A. Arun Kumar




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