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Special Issue


Sharing Economy: National and International Strategies

Guest Editor

Purnima Chaudhary

               Volume 20                                     Special Issue 2                                                October 2021


Implications of Vedic Understanding in Contemporary Change Management
Amit Kumar

COVID-19 Pandemic Toll on Service Sector in India
S. Lavanya, B.P. Bijay Sankar and Hemant Bhanawat

Imitative Buying Behavior of Online Shoppers in the Purchase of Electronic Gadgets: A Qualitative Analysis using NVIVO
K. Guru, V.Selvalakshmi, Durdana Ovais and A. Uma Devi

Individual Investment Decision-Making and Behavioural Finance
Gurbir S Khera, Purushottam Kumar Tripathi and Akhil Agnihotri

Newton’s Interpolation for the Estimation of Green Taxes and its Impact on Labor Taxes and Unemployment Rates
Arti Hadap and Kritika Aro

Assessment of Service Quality in a Hospital through Patient Satisfaction
Dhruva Sreenivasa Chakravarthi and V S Prasad Kandi

Spiritual Culture: Holistic Approach to Organizational Sustainable Excellence
Aruna Dhamija

An Integrative Approach towards Understanding Employability
Khushbu Khurana, Rajnish Kumar Misra, Parul Garg and Priyanka Chauhan

Neuromarketing in Consumer Decision Making Process: Developments and Directions for Future Research
Jatoth Sai Kiran and Rajkiran Prabhakar

Impact of Social Media Marketing on Customer Decision Making Process: An Exploratory Study on Retail Clothing Online Marketing
Mrinmoy Biswas and U Bhojanna

An Integral Shift in Conventional Extension Approaches towards Agri-Preneurship Development
Ankith KR, D. Ravindran, Shekhar R, Pradeep Mamgain, Sandeep Rout and Priya Singh

Drivers of Forceful Adoption and Change in the Perception towards Cashless Transactions during COVID-19 Pandemic
Madhurima Ganguly, Hemlatha Ramakrishnan, D. Elamparuthi, Sneha Badola, Kavitha Venkatachari and Shweta Sajjanar

Significance and Impact of Corporate Governance: A Generic Analysis
Suchita Gera, Abha Sharma, Keyurkumar M Nayak, B.Raja Mannar, Naila Aaijaz and Ramesh Kumar

Utility Based Web Content Mining Approaches in the Banking Sector
Vibha, Jai Jayant, Keyurkumar M. Nayak, B.Raja Mannar, Nitin Tanted and Hari Om Mishra

Certification of Products in Ecommerce Websites using Rule Based Decision Tree
Ranit Kishore, Parikshit Kala, Anant Sharma, Amol Gawande, Y. Suryanarayana Murthy and M. Govardhan Reddy

Impact of Global Health Crises on Economic Growth and Development
Ulfah Fajarini, Ramkishan Manjre, Surya Prakasa Rao Gedela, Mohammad Salameh Almahirah and Mohammad Jamali

Comparative Performance Analysis of Tax Saving Mutual Fund Schemes of Asset Management Companies in Indian Scenario: An Empirical Study
Talla Narayana Gowd

New Business Opportunities for E-Commerce: Post Lockdown
Shine, Alok Chandra
Anupam Mitra, S. Praveen Kumar, Sudhakar Puskar and Atul Kumar


Critical Examination of Factors Affecting Higher Education Students’ Perception towards Employability
Venus and Rohan Sharma

Examining People’s Preferences in selection of Hospitals during COVID-19
Vinod Patel, Ritesh Kumar Singhal, Shefali Bahadur, Shilpi Kulshrestha Ruchi Arya and Shazia W. Khan

Examining Service Quality in the NBFC Sector using SERVQUAL Model
Brahmanand Sharma, R. Sudha, V. Aarthi Agnihothri, S. Karthik, Praveen Dube and Deepti Sharma 

Artificial Intelligence and Food Industry: A Road to Sustainable Development
Munish Ahlawat and Prashant Kumar Gautam

Determinants of Faculty Retention in Higher Education Institutions in Bangalore: A Pilot study for Reliability and Validity
Pavithra Cariappa and Bipasha Maity

COVID-19 Pandemic leads Stock Market Volatility: Empirical Evidence using GARCH Model
Brajesh Kumar Tiwari, Harikumar Pallathadka, Dezy Kumari and Om Prakash Agrawal

Customer Satisfaction Subsequent of Quality Expectation and Perception: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Banks
Dezy Kumari, Mohd Taqi and Prateek Kumar Bansal

Impact of the Contagion on the Unorganized Retail Market
Joydeep Mookerjee and O. R. S. Rao






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