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Global Perspectives on Business, Economy and Society

Part 1

Guest Editors

Piyush Kumar Gupta

Payal Mittal

               Volume 20                                     Special Issue 4                                                   August 2021


Impact of Work-Life Balance on Employee Performance in the Phase of COVID Pandemic: Evidence from IT Industry

A. Narasima Venkatesh, Kannan Paulraj and Samarth Singh



Employee Engagement Practices: An insight into the HR Practices in IT Sector of Bangalore during COVID-19 Period

A. Narasima Venkatesh, Kannan Paulraj  and G. Kannan



Option Strategies for Highly Volatile Market using Greeks

Nisha Shankar and  Jojin. M. Jijo



Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Employee Engagement among Educators of Postgraduation Institutes

Poonam Patel and Ansha Gupta



Association of Gold Price with Stock Market Indices: Evidence from S&P Sensex

Deepak Kumar D and I G Srikanth



Contentment in Employees in Government Organisations

Amandeep Dhaliwal, Priyanka Rani and Ramakrishna N



Comprehensive Human- Capital Model: Demand for Health on the basis of Economic and Social


Palvinder Kaur Bakshi, Amarnath Padhi and Anil Tiwari



COVID19: Impact on Women from all Classes

Anuradha S.G., Aparna K.S. and Tejashwini S.G.



COVID-19:  Work from Home - Challenges and Mental Health

Anuradha S.G., Aparna K.S. and  Vibha



Are Indian Banks (In) Sensitive to Sensitive Sectors?

Nanduri Sireesha



Customer Relationship Management: A Study on Retail Communication Mix of Discount Stores

Guru Basava Aradhya. S



Impact of Natural Disasters on Finance Management Development in Emerging Economies Crisis

Naeem Yaghoobi, Priti Gupta, Manoj Kumar Tamta, Nisha and Rupesh Roshan Singh



Relationship between Finance Management and Strategic Human Resource Management

Somasekhar Donthu, Madhurima Ganguly, Rosy Dhall, Kumar Shivam and Veena Prasad Vemuri



Importance and Impact of Training and Development on an Organisation’s Sustainability during Economic Crises

Neha Tomer, Sapna Mathur, Sunita Sharma, Shiva

Durga and Vivek Mehrotra



Psychological & AMP: Emotional Considerations for Diabetic Patients during Global Pandemic SARS-


Raghvendra Kumar Sharma and Niraj Kishore




Herd Behavior in the Indian Stock Market: A CSSD Approach

Anuradha Samal and A. K. Das Mohapatra



Influence of Relationship Marketing Variables on Social Media Marketing

Venkata Naga Siva Kumar Challa, P S V Padmalatha and Vamsi Krishna Burra



Nexus between Black Pepper Price and its Determinants for Half a Century Period
Geemon Korah and S Mohankumar


An Analytical Framework in the Rise of Online Stock Trading in India
Manoj Kumara N V, CT Sunil Kumar, Jayafar MV, Arun Kumar, A. Siva Krishna Reddy and Pallavi K. Ingale


Spiritual Entrepreneurship: An Association of Spirituality and Entrepreneurship.
Jitendra Patel and Ajay Malpani

Assessing Social Security Status of Auto-rickshaw Drivers in Kolkata
Sudipta Halder and Anirban Sarkar


Assessing Stress Level of Frontline Health Workers During COVID-19: A Qualitative Exploration
Anirban Sarkar, Prabal Chakraborty and Partha Roy


A Perceptual Study of Users of Social Networking Sites
Rajeev Samuel and Shefali Tiwari


Influence of Relationship Marketing Variables on Social Media Marketing
Venkata Naga Siva Kumar Challa, P.S.V. Padmalatha and Vamsi Krishna Burra






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