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Changing Customer Preferences for Digital Banking

and Insurance in an Emerging Economy

Guest Editors

V. Sivakumar
U. Arumugam
S.P. Dhandayuthapani



               Volume 20                                     Special Issue 3                                                November 2021


Professional Competencies of Women Agropreneurs
V. Darling Selvi and P. Jegan

Farmer Producer Organizations: A Strategy for Revamping Self-reliant Economy in India
A. Iyappan, S. Rajamohan and G. Illankumaran

Investigating the Factors to Develop Bankruptcy Prediction Model for Individuals in Malaysia
Chinnasamy Agamudainambhi Malarvizhi, Nur Natasha Nur Natasha Syuhada, Sreenivasan Jayashree, Muthu Chitra and V. Umasri

International Tourist Perspective in the Issues and Challenges of Pilgrimage Tourism: An Empirical Study with special reference to Rameswaram
P.R. Saranya and V. Sivakumar

A Systematic Observation on SIP and LIP in Mutual Funds with special reference to FRANKLIN Templeton Equity Fund and HSBC Bank Equity Fund.
L Srinivas Reddy and R S Ch Murthy Chodisetty

Impact of E-Commerce in Banking Sector
M. K. Ganeshan and U. Arumugam

An Empirical Analysis on Health Status of South India
M. Chitra and Chinnasamy Agamudainambhi Malavizhi

Challenges and Features of Tracking Technology on Logistics and  Supply Chain Efficiency
R. Ruthramathi and V. Sivakumar

Modelling on Volatility of Indian Macroeconomic Indicator - Nifty
S. Vevek and M. Selvam

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Indian Economic Growth with special reference to Infrastructure Sector: An Empirical Analysis
L Srinivas Reddy and R S Ch Murthy Chodisetty

Fin-Tech in Indian Agricultural Sector
G. Kanagavalli, M. Manida, R. Ashok Kumar and S. Josephin Arulmozhi

Freight Economics Savings Calculator in a Hydroponics Organization using Random Forest Algorithm
Arivalagan R. and V. A. Anand







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