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               Special Issue 2024




Special Issue 1, January 2024
Leveraging Contemporary Management Practices for Sustainable Development
Guest Editors
K.G. Hemalatha
R. Sethumadhavan
Karpagavalli G
Ganesha K.S

Special Issue 1, February 2024
Technology, Innovation, and Sustainability
Guest Editors
Yukti Ahuja
Parminder Bajaj

Special Issue 2, February 2024
Thriving and Growing in Uncertain Times: Unleashing Business Potential through Innovative Strategies
Guest Editor
Rajesh Chouksey
Swati Checker
Ema Garg

Special Issue 3: February 2024
Developing Managerial Capabilities and Empowering Youth to Shape the
Future: G20 Agenda for Innovation and Skill Enhancement

Guest Editors
Madhu Arora
Shubham Agarwal
Alina Costin

Special Issue 1, March 2024
Pertinent Emerging Issues in Economics and Business
Guest Editors
Mohammad A. Wadud
Samik Shome

Special Issue 2,: March 2024
Advancing Research in Organizational Dynamics and Innovation
Guest Editors
Samriti Mahajan
Praveen Kumar Pandey

Special Issue 1, April 2024
The Future of Work and the Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities in the Post- Pandemic Era
Guest Editor
Vidhi Agrawal
TR Pandey
Mohammad A. Wadud


Special Issue 2, April 2024
Bridging Social science, Engineering, and Management
Guest Editor
Sanket Lodha


Special Issue 3: April 2024
Exploring Contemporary Trends and Challenges in Various Industries
Guest Editors
Samriti Mahajan
Praveen Kumar Pandey

Special Issue 1, May 2024
SPECTRUM - New Economic Paradigms
Guest Editors
Ruchi Shukla
Isha Narula
Ashu Lamba
Kriti Dhingra
Avantika Raina
Priya Gund

Special Issue 2, May 2024
Building Sustainability in the Fabric of Finance
Guest Editor
P Srinivas Subbarao

Special Issue 3, May 2024.
Nailing Start up - Creating Tomorrow
Guest Editors
Shalu Singh
Ravichandran Krishnamoorthy

Special issue 1: June 2024
Sustainability and Technology in the BFSI Sector
Guest Editors
P Srinivas Subbarao
Devarakonda Srijanani

Special Issue 2: June 2024
Holistic Approaches in Management and Educational Research
Guest Editors
Madhu Arora, India
Poonam Khurana, India
Alina Costin, Romania
Deepan Pradhan, Bhutan
Namrata Pradhan, Bhutan

Special Issue 1, July 2024
Spectrum of Economic Growth, Environmental Sustainability, Social Progress and Good Governance
Guest Editors
Madhu Arora
Pratibha Singh

Special Issue 2, July 2024
The Convergence of Digitalization and Sustainability
Guest Editor
Mohd Khairi Ismail
Nik Fakrul Hazri bin Nik Hassan
Rosman Mahmood

Special Issue 1, August 2024
Thriving Through Sustainability: Navigating Business and Economics Practices
Guest Editors
Namrata Acharya
Anuj Kumar
Tanaya Patil

Special Issue 2: August 2024
Integration of Legal and Technological Innovations for Sustainable Management
Guest Editors
Wan Liza Md. Amin @ Fahmy
Kay Dora Binti Abd Ghani
Tay Chia Chay
Mohd Ikmal Fazlan Rozli@Rosli

Special Issue 3, August 2024
Applied Research in Engineering, Technology and Management
Ravichandran Krishnamoorthy
B. Charu Mathi
T. Ganesh















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