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Mohammad A. Wadud
Samik Shome



       Volume 23                                     Special Issue 1                                                March 2024




Do Financial Pathways Impact the Sustainability of Higher Education Institutes? An Empirical Insight of the Government-Sponsored HEIs
Nishant Sinha, Akanksha Shukla and Kumar Gaurav

Participants' Perspectives on Petro Retail Service Quality: A Qualitative Approach
Santanu Purohit, Arvind Kumar Jain and Sujoita Purohit

Strategic Human Resource Management in Culinary Environments: Nurturing Talent for Exceptional Hospitality Experiences
Joseph Paul, Chandana Valluripalli, M. Vijayabaskar, Palisetti Giribabu and Nithin Sai Kolli

Pre- and Post-Merger Financial Performance of Punjab National Bank
Monika Ahlawat and Sunita Bishnoi

Competencies of Board Members in Annual Reports of Standard & Poor’s Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex Organizations
A Amit Kumar and Shanmuganathan Janardhanan

Trend and Productivity Analysis of Sugarcane Production in Western Uttar Pradesh
Ahab Rizvi and Mohammed Anas

Remote Working and Employee Productivity during COVID–19: A Multi-Sector Analysis
Jagannath Mohanty and Maheswaran Srinivasan

A Novel Framework for Making Advertisement Creatives using Generative AI and Neuromarketing
Dhaval Mehta and Amol Ranadive

Determinants of Behavioral Biases of Individual and Institutional Investors
Sujata Kapoor and Tanu Khare

Will AI based Tools Outwit Human in Global Business based on Information Technology? A Descriptive Analysis
Remya Nair and J. Meenakumari

Contagion Effect of Cryptocurrencies on Indian Stock Market: A Multi-Index Dynamic Multivariate GARCH Analysis
Robin Thomas, Shailesh Singh Thakur, Neha Shrivastava and Mayank Jain

Embracing or Evading? A Two-Dimensional Scrutiny of Deglobalization's Opportunities and Threats
Revati Behera, Saurabh Mani and B. Sharlo Zack

Challenges and Opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises in the context of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) and their Role in the Indian Economy
Vivek Saurav and Bhanu Saxena

Digital Transformation of Money: Exploring the Economic Implications of Central Bank Digital Currencies and Blockchain
Richa Kashyap and Bhanu Saxena

Analysis of Gen Z's Entrepreneurial Potential, Centered on Private University Students from Chennai
Kotteswaran D. and P. Elantheraiyan

Measuring the Variation in Tourism Seasonality of Foreign Tourist Arrivals in India
Murshad Ali Mohd Arman, Mohd Wasil Asrar and Abdul Qadir

Impact of Indian Healthcare Financing System on Health Outcome of its population measured by Life Expectancy at Birth
Poornima A S

How Influential the Movie Trailers are in Moviegoers’ Perspective
Ranjith P V, Aparna J Varma and Ajai Abraham Thomas

International Coopetition for Innovation and Internationalization: The Case of Two Indian Motorcycle Companies
Pankaj Kumar Srivastava and Poornima Tapas

Influence of Moonlighting on the Performance of Health Care in Jammu Region
Gundeep Pal Singh Raina, Karanveer Samyal, Varun Sharma, Preeti Slathia and Jaya Bhasin

Utilization and Goodness of Electronic Human Resource Management in Indian Education Institutions
Aaqib Danish and Vikram Sandhu

Risk Management Theory: The Integrated Perspective and its Application in Microfinance Institutions in Ethiopia
Ratinder Kaur and Megbaru Tesfaw Molla

Does Participation in Self-Help Groups Affect Social Empowerment of Tribal Women: Empirical Evidence from India
Tanushree Mahato and Manish Kumar Jha

Green Human Resource Management: A Systematic Review using ADO framework
Kamini Mishra, Shikha N Khera and Suresh Kumar Garg

MSMEs in the Digital Era: Communication Technology Framework
Nishrin Pathan

Information Systems for Digital Transformation in Organizations: A Focus on Impact Assessment and Future of Work
Ritu Sharma and Isha Sharma

Systematic Literature Review for Supply Chain 4.0
Veerendra Anchan, Manmohan Rahul, Arshia Kaul and Vernika Agarwal

Microfinance Institutions’ Role in Financial Inclusion of Rural Households in Ethiopia
Abebaw Yenesew Mekonnen, Dhiraj Sharma and Ratinder Kaur

Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance: Does CEO Gender Matter?
Chau Van Thuong and Harwindar Singh

Empowering the Workforce: Unravelling the Influence of Power Dynamics on Employee Empowerment in the Manufacturing Sector
Girish K. and P. S. V. Balaji Rao









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