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SPECTRUM - New Economic Paradigms


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Ruchi Shukla
Isha Narula
Ashu Lamba
Kriti Dhingra
Avantika Raina
Priya Gund



       Volume 23                                     Special Issue 1                                                May 2024




Enabling Role of Psychological Safety in Improving Employee Engagement through Corporate Social Responsibility
Aarti Chopra and Swati Narula

Factors Influencing Administrative Effectiveness at Higher Education Institutions in Sichuan Province, China
Jiang Jie, Alireza Mohammadi, Amer Hamzah Jantan and S. B. Goyal

Impact of Work Itself, Salary and Security on Employee Motivation
Laxmi Rani, Vibhuti Tyagi and Madhu Arora

A Comparative Analysis of Task Scheduling Algorithms for Resource Management in Cloud Environments
Neetu Goel, Pooja Thakar, Sachin Gupta and Maheshbhai Kansara

Enhancing Agricultural Decision Support with AIoT: A Research Travelogue
Pooja Thakar, Neetu Goel, Manisha and Sachin Gupta

Navigating Consumer Ethnocentrism: An Examination of Demographic Influences in the Globalized Era
Ashish Chandra, Monu Rani, Ruchi Shukla and Adesh Kumar

Chatbots Usage in Online Customer Service: A Review
Aakriti Saini, Ashish Chandra, Shobhit Agrawal and Maheshbhai Kansara

Dynamics of Credibility in Electronic-Word-of-Mouth
Isha Chugh, Ashish Chandra and Shobhit Agarwal

Adoption of Sustainable Practices by E-Commerce Companies in Grocery Marketing in India
Priya Mary Jacob and Akhila R Udupa

Divergence in Environmental Performance and Intra-Industry Trade: Empirical Results for India
Bibek Ray Chaudhuri and Debashis Chakraborty

Artificial Intelligence in Employee Recruitment: A Perception Study on Indian Recruiters
Mousumi Sengupta and Yashwanth

Nexus between Diversification, Financial Stability and Efficiency of Commercial Banks in Ethiopia: A Systematic Literature Review
Yichlal Simegn Filatie and Dhiraj Sharma

Impact of Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions on Cross Cultural Leadership Effectiveness in Bangalore's IT Sector
N S Nandeesh, Y.N. Raja and Subhash Sinha

Capital Structure Theories and Firm-specific and Macroeconomic Factors: A Literature Review
Workneh Mengist Adane and Rajinder Kaur

Factors Affecting Turnover Tax Collection of Category “B” Taxpayers in South Gonder Zone of Ethiopia
Baharu Sisay Negatu and Nidhi Walia

Exploring the Relationship in Dimensions of Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement in Higher Education Institutions
Hemlata and Simran Kaur

Corporate Governance in Entrepreneurial Venture: Boon or Curse
Abha P Shukla and Pushpendra Singh

Privatisation of Public Sector Banks in India: A Performance-based Evaluation using the CAMEL Model
Asha Elizabeth Thomas, Bino Joy and Amiya Bhaumik

Analysis of Coping Strategies Adopted by HCWs during COVID 2019
Paramjeet Kaur, Gurminder Kaur Arora and Ankita Aggarwal

Convergence of Realms: Exploring the Metaverse Economy and Digital Finance Nexus
Dileep Kumar Singh, Shyam Shukla, Kanchan Dewal, Sachin H. Lad and Jonathan Joseph

Financing for Sustainable Growth in Agriculture: Options and Way Forward
Sivananth Ramachandran, Sandeep Bhattacharya, Souvik Banerjee and Prantik Ray















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