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Special Issue



Role of Alternative Financing Models in Fostering Innovation

and Leadership in Start-up Ecosystems


Guest Editors


Samriti Mahajan
Praveen Kumar Pandey



       Volume 23                                     Special Issue 3                                                June 2024



A Bibliometric Review in the Literature of Customer Engagement

Dolly Mangla and Renu Aggarwal



Unlocking Leadership Wisdom: The Relevance of Shakespearean Tragedies in Modern Leadership Studies
Likha Caral, Shivani Vashist and Kajal Chaudhary

Role of Alternative Financing Models in Fostering Innovation and Leadership in Start-up Ecosystems
Manisha Grover, Komal Jaiswal and Meenu Baliyan

Empowering Employees for Organizational Excellence: A Interdisciplinary Exploration
Swati Mittal, Shivani Vashist and Kajal Chaudhary

Optimizing Human Resources for Sustainable Development: A Literary Exploration of Charles Dickens’ Works in light of SDGs
Swonam Kieran Roul, Shivani Vashist and Kajal Chaudhary

Implications of AI-based Tools in Recruitment
Ritika Sahrawat and Gurvinder Kaur

Innovation in Today’s Hybrid Work Model
Lakita and K K Garg

E-Commerce Role in Thriving Startups: A Digital Landscape
Harsha Ahuja, Samriti Mahajan and Jitin Gambhir

A Statistical Evaluation of Uttar Pradesh’s Agricultural Development
Prashant Kumar and Kaminisinghal

Role of Innovation in Leadership Strategies
TapsiNagpal, Ritu Sindhu, Faraz Ahmed, Shivani Bansal and Shivani Gupta

Analyzing Humble Leadership for Indian Government and its Role in Managing COVID-19 Crisis
Anindita Chatterjee and Sahil Malik

An Exploratory Study of Government Schemes for Navigating Financial Challenges faced by Entrepreneurial Ventures in State of Haryana
Suman Lata Yadav  and N.K. Gupta

Emerging Innovations in Dentistry: Challenges and Barriers on Implementation in South-East Asia
Deepeeka Ghimire and Meena Jain

Effect of Training and Development on Innovation: Outlook of Indian Managers
Navnindra Kumari

Tech-Driven Education and Leadership: A Dynamic Partnership
Rajnee Gaur

Empowering Innovation and its Role in Industry & Organizations

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Personal Learning Environment: A Perspective
Vivek Gupta, Jayanthi Ranjan and Deepa Kumari

Shift of Indian Consumers from Conventional Pay Television to Over-The-Top (OTT) Platforms: Analysis with PLS-SEM
Madhu, Rani, Satendar Singh, ShagunTomar, Manisha Gupta and Suvam Dhar

Bibliometric Analysis of Ethical AI and Sustainable Healthcare: Unveiling Research Trends
Shagun Tomar, Manisha Gupta, Madhu Rani  and Suvam Dhar












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