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*** Sixteen Years of The EEL ***


In sixteen volumes The Empirical Economics Letters (EEL) has been able to publish contributions from over 250 institutions of 100 countries spread over six continents of the world. The EEL team is grateful to all contributors and well-wishers for their outstanding response and support. Click here for a glimpse of the World of EEL [Clickable Map] [PDF list].


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Volume 1, 2002

Volume 2, 2003

Volume 3, 2004

Volume 4, 2005

Volume 5, 2006

Volume 6, 2007

Volume 7, 2008


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Volume 5, No 1, January 2006






Managing Editor


Mohammad A. Wadud



Board of Editors


Aman Agarwal
George E. Battese
William F. Bowlin
Damodar N. Gujarati
Clem A. Tisdell

Volume 8, 2009 (January - December)

Volume 9, 2010 (January - December)

Volume 10, 2011 (January - December)

Volume 11, 2012 (January - December)

Volume 12, 2013 (January -December)

Volume 13, 2014 (January - December)


Volume 14, 2015 (January - December)


Volume 15, 2016 (January - December)


Volume 16, 2017 Issues

Number 1, January 2017

Number 2, February 2017

Number 3, March 2017

Number 4, April 2017

Number 5, May 2017

Number 6, June 2017

Number 7, July 2017

Number 8, August 2017

Number 9, September 2017

Number 10, October 2017

Number 11, November 2017



Aims and Scope 

The Empirical Economics Letters (EEL) is a fully refereed international journal. The EEL invites papers on all aspects of empirical economics. There is no specific deadline for submission of papers. Papers can be sent any time and will be considered for the subsequent issues. All papers must have an empirical content and the theoretical models on which the empirical results are based should be clearly, but briefly, stated.





Indexing Information 

The EEL is listed in the American Economic Association (AEA) electronic indexes, which are included in JEL on CD, e-JEL, and EconLit. It is also included in Cabellís Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Economics and Finance.

The EEL is further included in ABDC journal quality list.





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The EEL is published each month, that is, twelve times a year.













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