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Editorial Policy


The Empirical Economics Letters (EEL) invites papers on all aspects of empirical economics. The EEL is a fully refereed international journal. There is no specific deadline for submission of papers. Papers can be sent any time and will be considered for the subsequent issues. All papers must have an empirical content and the theoretical models on which the empirical results are based should be clearly, but briefly, stated.


The EEL is published every month and has format of a letters journal, that is, papers will be short and have a definite size restriction.


In deciding to publish this journal, we have taken into account the difficulties faced by both the authors and the readers, and have carefully tried to remove them. Our approach is outlined below.




The EEL sends acknowledgement within 48 hours of the receipt of a paper.




The EEL expeditiously completes evaluation process and communicate to the author its decision within six weeks from the receipt of the paper.




The EEL publishes all accepted paper within six months of their acceptance.


Sending cost


The EEL receives papers only through an email attachment thus bringing the cost to a minimum.


Submission fee


The EEL has decided to require no submission fees, but the author of accepted paper may wish to pay voluntarily a production cost of any amount depending on the size of the paper to defray the processing, printing and other expenses.




Most journals have high subscription rates. The EEL will charge a yearly subscription of US$ 400.00 or its equivalent for institutions and US$ 300.00 for individuals for rich countries (Per capita income greater than US$ 2000), and US$ 300.00 or its equivalent for institutions and US$ 200.00 for individuals for other countries. This is much lower than those charged by journals of the same standard and frequency as The Empirical Economics Letters.


Because of the author friendly approach of the journal it is expected that publishing in the Empirical Economics Letters will be very competitive. Clarity, brevity and nontriviality are the three things that will determine acceptability of a paper.


We urge all scholars to remember The Empirical Economics Letters if they have any clear, short and nontrivial research work to submit. We also urge all readers of the EEL to give any suggestion that may help it.



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