The Empirical Economics Letters

Volume 5, Number 1

January 2006

ISSN 1681 8997


Yu Hsing

Impacts of Macroeconomic Policies on the Estonian Output: An Application of the Taylor Rule and the IS-MP-AS Model

Emp. Econ. Lett. 5(1)1(2006)

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Na Li, Jianhui Huang

Price Convergence and Market Integration: Strong Evidence Using Canada Data

Emp. Econ. Lett. 5(1)13(2006)

[Abstract] [Fulltext PDF]


Md Abdul Wadud

An Analysis of Meat Demand in Bangladesh Using the Almost Ideal Demand System

Emp. Econ. Lett. 5(1)29(2006)

[Abstract] [Fulltext PDF]


Seetanah Boopen

Transport Infrastructure and Economic Growth: Evidence from Africa Using Dynamic Panel Estimates

Emp. Econ. Lett. 5(1)37(2006)

[Abstract] [Fulltext PDF]


Chun-Chu Liu

Evaluating the Impacts of Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park on the Southern Region in Taiwan

Emp. Econ. Lett. 5(1)53(2006)

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