The Empirical Economics Letters

Volume 5, Number 1, Page 53

January 2006

ISSN 1681 8997


Evaluating the Impacts of Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park on the Southern Region in Taiwan


Chun-Chu Liu

Department of International Business

Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan, R.O.C.


Abstract: In this paper, the three most common regional impact analysis models- Input-Output (I-O), Social Accounting Matrix (SAM), and Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model - were constructed and applied to analyze the economic impact of constructing Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park (TSBIP) locating in the Southern Taiwan. Model results show that the impacts of the program on the regional economy were marginal in terms of output, income, and employment. In general, the SAM yielded the largest impact estimate followed by I-O, with the CGE yielding the smallest change. The research results provide a valuable reference for decision-makers in formulating industrial and regional policies, as well as helping business managers with strategic planning.


Keywords: Input-Output Model, Social Accounting Matrix, Computable General Equilibrium, Taiwan, Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park


JEL classification Number: D58


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