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               Volume 23                                    Number 6                                             June 2024

Market’s Reactions to the Acquisition of Special Purchase Acquisition Companies
Alan T. Wang, Chin-Chia Liang and Chi-Lun Ko


Ukraine-Russia Crunch in Effecting asymmetrical Co-integration between Oil Prices and Stock Wheat Markets
Bouguetaia Soufyane and Mezouri Ettayib


Moderating Effect of Internal Locus of Control on the Relationship between the Dark Triad, Anomia, Negative Affectivity and Counterproductive Work Behaviours
Azwan Shah Aminuddin, Narehan Hassan and Abdul Kadir Othman


Predictability of Taiwanese Sentiment Proxies
Hsiao-Peng Fu and Yufen Fu


Revisiting Inflation-Openness Hypothesis: Panel Data Estimates for Selected Asian Economies
Towseef Ahmad Shan, Nazar Ali and UmeshYadav


Louisiana Economy from 1980 to 2019: Oil and Natural Gas Prices
AKM Matiur Rahman and William B. Galose


Trade Intensities and Intra-Industry Trade: An Analysis of India-BRCS Trade in Processed Food
Shubhra and Qamar Alam


Impact of Remote Work Arrangements on Enterprises and Employees: A Study on Work from Home Mode
Chun An Chen and Ying Lung Wang


Linkage between Economic Fluctuations and Crime Rates in the United States
Victor Ukpolo


Generational Differences in Work Values, Job Performance and Job Satisfaction: Empirical Evidence from Higher Education Sector
Bhavya Malhotra, Namita Rajput and Shweta Pradip Bhatia


Dynamics of Geopolitical Risk and its Effects on Russia's Economy: A Time-Varying Parameter SV-VAR Analysis
Qiang Liu, Chenzi Zeng and Chen Xu


A Study to Understand the Need for Developing a Service Quality Scale for Higher Education Institutions
Abhijeetkumar Singh and Priya Pandey


Beef Tariff Rate and Cattle Farm Scale in South Korea
Yuichi Takayasu, Hiroaki Sakurai and Kap-soo Lee


Financial Performance of the Electricity Distribution Utilities in India
Rajkiran Venkateshgoud Bilolikar, Dushyanth Ashok Mahadik and Sathish Kotte








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