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Volume 9          Number 12        December  2010


Jiro Nemoto and  Noriko Furumatsu

A New Testing Procedure for Scope Economies Using the Input Distance Function



Ya-Ling Huang and Yen-Hsien Lee

The Monthly Effect in Forecasting Inbound Tourism Demand on China



Oguz Yildirim

Personal Saving and Personal Disposable Income in the US (1950-2008): An Econometric Analysis



Celeste Amorim Varum, Vera Catarina Rocha  and Hélder Valente Da Silva

Foreign Ownership and Firm Hazard During Crises: The Moderating Role of Industry’s Technological Intensity



Nina Tsai, Yen-Jong Chen and Yuan-Ho Hsu

Effects of House Prices in Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanisms in Taiwan



Tushar K. Nandi and Neetu Choudhary

Gender Role in Food Security of Urban Households: An Empirical Analysis of Six Cities in India



Chen Su

Cross-sectional and Time-Series Determinants of Momentum in the China Stock Market



Mehmet Saraç and İbrahim Öztürk

Validity of Capital Asset Pricing Model in Turkish Stock Exchange: An Empirical Test under Stable Conditions



Hideki Nishigaki

The Impact of Loan Loss Provision on Banks’ Mortgage Supply in Spain



Chien-Jen Wang, Po-Chin Wu

Price Uncertainty, Industrial Heterogeneity and R&D and Physical Investments: Evidence from Taiwanese Biotech Firms



Tahir Mukhtar and Muhammad Zakaria

Defense Expenditure, External Debt and Economic Growth in Pakistan



Tsangyao Chang and Gengnan Chiang

Testing the Sustainability of Current Account Deficits in OECD Countries: A Regime Switching Approach





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