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Volume 9          Number 10        October  2010


Simon Feeny

Determinants of the Impact of the Global Economic Crisis



Hsinan Hsu, Yaw-Bin Wang and Hsiao-Feng Cheng

Is the Risk for Stocks Changing in Listings Systematic? Evidence from Taiwan Stock Markets



Joachim Wagner

Exports and Firm Characteristics – First Evidence from Fractional Probit Panel Estimates



Saten Kumar

Determinants of Real Private Consumption in Bangladesh



Sheng-Chieh Pan, Shiao-Yen Liu, Chia-Jui Peng and Po-Chin Wu

Another Method to Deal with Undesirable Outputs in Data Envelopment Analysis



Vasudeva N.R. Murthy

Stochastic Properties of the Time-Series on Infant Mortality Rates in OECD Countries: Evidence from Recent Non-Linear Unit Root Tests



K. Ben Nowman

The Level-Effect in the Fed Funds Rate: 1954-2010



The Nonlinear Effects of Institutional Investors on the Taiwan Futures and Stocks Markets



Mustafa Sayim and Yousef Ibrahim

Economic Factors and Stock Market Returns: Evidence from Turkey



Thomas A. Drechsel

Estimating the Impact of International Trade on National Income for 167 Countries



Wo-Chiang Lee

The Dynamic Correlation between NASDAQ and Toronto Stock Index –Based on Copula-AR-GJR-GARCH Model



Lee Chin

Purchasing Power Parity and Free Trade Area





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