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               Volume 22                                     Number 3                                             March 2023

Social Interactions and Cognitive Functions in Elders: Causal Evidence from CHARLS
Ying Chen, Yi Duan and Chen Xu
[Abstract]: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7855526


Nexus of economic development, renewable energy consumption andCO2 emission in South Asia
Anju Goswami
[Abstract]: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7947008


Mental Health and Academic Outcomes: Evidence From Honors College Students
Eric Osborne-Christenson, Anna Shostya, Jackie Kopel, and Mohini Gobin

Financial Inclusion in Indonesia: Data Visualization and Forecasting Approach
Zakaria Lacheheb and Miloud Lacheheb


Is there any Relationship between Servicification and Manufacturing Productivity? Empirical Evidence from Indian Firm-Level Data
Sonia Pantand Debashis Chakraborty


Oil Price Volatility and its Impact on Exchange Rate in Nigeria
Bhola Khan


Impact of Innovation on the Firm’s performance with reference to MSMEs in the Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh, India
P. Venkateswarlu, Shweta Jain and A. Sreedhar Kumar


Group of Seven (G7) Countries Stock Markets Returns during COVID-19 Outbreak: An ARDL-MIDAS Approach
Ricky Chia Chee Jiun, Kosshini A/P Sreedharan, Mohd Fahmi Bin Ghazali and Nurshila Binti Ahmad


Foreign Currency Derivatives and Hedging Premium: does it Matter When and Where?
Rashad P.P. and E.K. Satheesh


University Support: A Pre-requisite for Online Learning
Iti Verma and Shalini Nigam


A Firm Level Study on Relationship between FDI and Exports in India’s Manufacturing Sector: A Panel Data Analysis
Gurpriya Sadana





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