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Academic Research in Management, Sciences and Humanities in the Current Era


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Syafrizal Syafrizal
Sampurna Mehta
Taufeeque Ahmad Siddiqui




       Volume 21                                     Special Issue 3                                                July 2022



Fintech: The Revolutionized Finance Sector
Gioia Arnone, Ashvine Kumar and Yuvradni Mewalal Mathure

Relationship between Social Distancing and Emotional Intelligence of University Students during COVID 19
Abhishek Venkteshwar, Savitha Nagraj, Kiran Maney, Asha S and Shalya Accamma

Factors Affecting the Adoption of Blockchain in Indian Stock Markets: An Empirical Study
Sushil Kumar Gupta, Sarika Lohana, Kanchan Naidu, Niranjan Sahoo, Vijayalaxmi G. Nemmaniwar and Uchit Kapoor

Impact of Transformational Leadership and Transactional Leadership on Intention to Leave in Indian Telecom Industry

Vishal Chaudhary and Nusrat Khan

Geomarketing and Digital Transition, Innovation Trend that Represents the Future of Tourism
Marcelo Javier Mancheno-Saá, Jenny Margoth Gamboa-Salinas and Jacqueline Del Pilar Hurtado-Yugcha

Live-in Relationship in India
Subasish Mohanty, Navaneetha Krishnan Rajagopal, Shruti Kirti, Rajendra Gounder, Anupama Lakhera and Rohit Bansal

Non-Fungible Tokens: Status, Future and Challenges ahead for Artists in India
Meera K. L, P. Periasamy and Sudarshan V. Seshanna






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