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               Volume 21                                     Number 8                                             August 2022



Private or Public Enterprises? Cost Inefficiency Limits: An Application to Water Supply Companies in Brazil
Osvaldo Candido, Wilfredo L. Maldonado and Cintia L. M. Araujo


Key Successful Factors in the Team Cooperation of Cross-Field Teams: Promoting Program for Cross-Field Creative Scenario Value–Adding
Cheng-Ta Lin and Yen-Hsun Chen


Farmers’ Attitude towards Adoption of Solar Water Pumps
Neetu Sharma and OumKumari R


Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Financial Performance of Malaysian Companies
M.K. Zamani and Noryati Ahmad


Causal Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in India: 1987-2017
Rashmi Ranjan Paital


Role of Financial Relativity in Loss Aversion Sensitivity

Blain Pearson, Di Qing, Thomas Korankye and Blain Pearson


Nexus between Indian Stock Market with Global Stock Markets: An Empirical Study during and Post Covid Period
G. Ramasundaram and B. Aiswarya


Elasticities of Brazilian Agricultural Trade: An Analysis Based on DOLS Models
Elano Ferreira Arruda, Yuri Timbó Castelo Branco and Antônio Clécio de Brito


Profitability of Pairs Trading Strategy in Stock Markets: Empirical Evidence from the Indian Stock Exchange
Vedant Khandelwal and Arfat Ahmad Sofi


Relationship between Oil Prices, Stock Market Volatility and its Resultant Impact on Equity Market: East Asian Economies
Zhao Manqi, Shabir Mohsin Hashmi and Zhang Jiwei


Predicting Stock Price Movement Behavior Using Econometrics and Machine Learning Techniques: A comparison of ARIMA, SVM, LSTM and MLP
Balasudarsun, N.L., Ramasundaram, G, Hema, P and Karthikeyan Parthasarathy


Debt and Economic Growth in Arab Countries
Stella Ada Mbah, Sami Al Kharusi, and Osmond ChigozieAgu






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