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               Volume 21                                     Number 7                                              July 2022

Flexible Prices, Sticky Prices, and the Taylor Rule
Chris Annala


Relationships of Team Communication, Peering Learning, Transactive Memory System, and Ambidextrous Innovation in Open Cross-Field Team: An Exploratory Study on Interdisciplinary Student Team Contests
Cheng-Ta Lin and Yen-Hsun Chen


Exploring the Potential of Bilateral Trade between India and Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis
Rajesh Kumar and Susanta Nag


Assessment of the Effectiveness of Central Bank Sterilization in Oil-Exporting Countries
Kamel Si Mohammed, Djedaiet Aissa, MedjahedKenza and Bennounasami Mohammed


Re-examination of Pollution Haven/Halo Hypotheses in China using Bootstrap Granger Causality Test in Quantile
Tsangyao Chang, Mei-Chih Wang, Sheng-Tung Chen and Chen-Min Hsu


Effect of E-Banking Fraud on Adoption Intentions of E-Banking Services: A study on Semi-rural Indian Women

Varsha Yadav and Rishi Manrai


Same Different but not Same Same: Ethnic Discrimination in Application Procedures in the German Public Sector
Thorsten Auer, Helin Ekemen, Carolin Hagedorn, Chantal Heise and Christine Rese


Financial Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from India and China
A Aparna


Value Loss by Dividend Payment: Application of Warren Buffet’s Dividend Policy
Diwahar Nadar


How can Determinants of Strategic Management Accounting Enhance Sustainable Business Performance? A Literature Review
Marjea Jannat Mohua, Wan Fadzilah Wan Yusoff and Nusrat Hafiz


Examination and Comparison of the Global Competencies Level in the Slovak Republic and Germany
Lukas Vartiak, Andreas Mussmann, Walther Spaeth, Thorsten Eidenmueller and Lukas Kopac


External Debt and Economic Growth in India during the Post- Reform Period
Tamma Koti Reddy and T Sita Ramaiah






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