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               Volume 21                                     Number 10                                              October 2022




A Test of Keynesian-Monetarist Controversy: Oil Price Rise and Iran
Kavous Ardalan


Historical European Institutions, Human Capital and Development: A Plausible Exogenous IV approach to developed regions
Tiago Neves Sequeira, Daniel Murta and Marcelo Santos


Impact of Demonetisation on the Usage of Plastic Currency in India
Shashitosh Kumar,  Mayank Kumar Rai, Pankaj Kumar Tiwari and Naveen Kumar


Spillover Effects of Quantitative Tax Reform: Evidence from the VAT Reform in 2004 of China
Long Wang


Impact of Total Debt on the Economic Growth of Sri Lanka
R.D. Asanka Maithreerathnam P. and Athula Naranpanawa


India’s Access to East Asian Production Networks: Evidence from Firms in the Electronics Sector
Amit Singla and Sunitha Raju


Effects of the Covid Crisis on Labour Supply in Germany
Johann Fuchs, Brigitte Weber and Enzo Weber


Analysis of Post-Independence Land Reform Policies in Zimbabwe: Implications for SME Development
James S. Juana, Mapeto Bomani and Gladys Gamariel


Measuring Indian Textile Exports Competitiveness using Trade Complementarity Index


Heterogeneous Preferences of Public Good and Individual Tax Evasion Decisions
Liang-Lin Pan and Hui-Chun Peng


Impact of the ICT Use on Marketing Performance within Algerian Economic Institutions
Khouiled Afaf and Mahdjouba Hicham


COVID-19 Pandemic and Catastrophic Implications on Informal Labor
Vinod Sen and Sazzad Parwez


Revisiting Patrilocality and Women’s Socio-Economic Status in India: A Causal Approach
Tista Mukherjee








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