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               Volume 21                                     Number 1                                             January 2022



Do Oil Price Shocks Drive Unemployment? Evidence from Russia
Kaihua Wang


A Benchmarking Approach to Stock Selection in the New Zealand Market
Mathew Abraham  and Priyantha Rajapaksha


Is the Economic Order Quantity really robust  in terms of Total Inventory Costs?
Samih Antoine Azar


Happiness and National Income: New Evidence from Taiwan
Zhen Cui, Wen-Chieh Wu, and Li-Hsueh Chen


Does Economic Policy Uncertainty Motivates Earnings Management in Indian Banks
Sarit Biswas, Mousumi Bhattacharya, Sharad Nath Bhattacharya


Coal Kuznets Curve in Turkey
Emrah Beşe and H. Swint Friday


Does Air Quality Affect Stock Returns? Evidence from China’s Health Industry
Kaihua Wang


Using the Emdowment Effect of Real Option Value: Owner’s Preference of Corporate Values and Social Benefits
Hiromi Fujimori


Performance after Losing: Within-series Evidence from the WNBA Playoffs
Brian Hill


Factors Determining House Prices: An Empirical Study on the Swedish Housing Market
Ahmet Demirkan, Anindya Biswas and James B. Larriviere


Blockchain Implementation in Government Offices: An Innovation
Prashant Goyal,  Nitin Balwani, Arnab Tagore, Neha V Nayak and Moytri Choudhury


Volatility Clustering Analysis: Evidence from Asian Stock Markets
Jatin Trivedi


Relationship and Dynamics among Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Prices in India: An ARDL Approach

Shukrant Jagotra and Deepika Kamboj









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