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               Volume 20                                   Number 6                                             June 2021




Effect of Financial Aid on Student Outcomes
Diane Galbraith and Sunita Mondal
[Abstract] [Full Paper]


Response of Domestic Price Changes to Exchange Rate Movements in China
Yu Hsing
[Abstract] [Full Paper]


India: New Battle Ground for Global Retail Companies
Ratna Vadra
[Full Paper]


Testing the Cross Equation Restrictions of Friedman’s Permanent Income Hypothesis
Samih Antoine Azar
[Abstract] [Full Paper]


Analyzing Tourists Multi-Channel Behavior in Indian Tourism Economy
Sahil Singh Jasrotia, Hari Govind Mishra, Surabhi Koul and Shagun Chib
[Abstract] [Full Paper]


The European Union’s Import Conditions on Agricultural Products
Tran Vang-Phu and Duong Anh Son
[Abstract] [Full Paper]


Effect of Rural Roads on Migration Patterns in India: An Instrumental Variable Approach
Manu Bansal and Abhishek Naresh
[Abstract] [Full Paper]


Opportunistic Political Business Cycle in Taiwan’s Local Governments
Yen-Ju Chiang and Shuang-Shii Chuang
[Abstract] [Full Paper]


Gold Price and Bond Price: An Econometric Analysis
Sangita Dutta Gupta, Samir Ranjan, Namrata Goswami, Mamata Sripriya, Nehal Salome Prasad and Priyal Arora
[Abstract] [Full Paper]


Assessment of Compliance with the Monetary Union Criteria of the Member States of the European Union
Papageorgiou Christos, Anastasiou Athanasios and Liargovas Panagiotis
[Abstract] [Full Paper]


From the Perspective of Small and Medium Enterprise to Investigate the Key Successful Factors of Enterprise Management: A Case Study of Molding Industry in Taiwan
Cheng-Ta Lin, Kuan-Yu Lin and Pei-Ying Lin
[Abstract] [Full Paper]


Inflation and Output Growth Uncertainty and Their Relationship with Inflation and Output Growth: Evidence from Cameroon
[Abstract] [Full Paper]


Economic Impact of Maritime Piracy on Artisanal Fishermen in Somalia
Ahmed khadar Abdi Jama, Muhammad Irwan Ariffin and Selamah Abdullah Yusof
[Abstract] [Full Paper]


Volatility clustering in NIFTY using ARIMA
Neeraj Sharma, Anurag Silmana and Naliniprava Tripathy
[Abstract]  [Full Paper]






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