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               Volume 20                                   Number 5(2)                                             May 2021



Relationships among Service Encounters, Experiential Value, Relationship Quality and Post-dining Behavioral Intention

Markus Chia-Han Tsai, Hung-Wen Lee, Chin-Fa Tsai and Joseph Ching-Tsan Tseng



Are SME IPO Less Underpriced? Empirical Evidence from India

Aarti Sharma and Ankit Singhal



Motivation Modeling: A Case Study of Cross-field Innovation Value-added in Green Technologies in Taiwan

Cheng-Ta Lin, Kuan-Yu Lin and Pei-Ying Lin



Structural Equation Modeling based Approach to Farmer’s Perceptions of Infrastructure as Shaping Agricultural Outcomes

Ajay Kumar Sharma, Meenakshi Gupta and Roop Lal Sharma



NIM vs. ROA and ROE: Which is more Reliable? Evidence from Indian Bank Groups

Arun Jha, Kaushik Bhattacharyajee and Mohammad Khalid Azam



Performance of Global Value Chains in Africa: An analysis of the Enabling Environment

George A. Muluh and Kenfack Geraud Francis



Causal Nexus between Stock Market Fluctuations, Global Oil Price and Its Impact on Gold Price in India’s Commodity Market

Girish Bagale, Jaheer Mukthar KP, Worakamol Wisetsri, K. Bhavana Raj and Kolachina Srinivas



Determinants of Stock Prices: A Study on the Indian Banking Sector

Ravindra Babu. S. and G.V. Kesava Rao



Econometric Evaluation of the Determinants of Corruption in the Sample of the Upper-Middle Income Countries

Zeki Yılmaz and Sultan Şen



Developing a Human Resource Analytics Competency Framework for Enhancing Return on Investment

Gayathri and Shivaprasad G.



Empirical Investigation of Consumer Confidence:  A Case Study of Italy and France

Tammy Johnston and Veronika Humphries



Trends of Shopping through Electronic Commerce Application

Satya Kishan and M. Siraji



Personalities and Time of Canadian Entrepreneurs

Florence Neymotin



Strategic Analysis of Merger between Kotak Mahindra Bank and ING Vysya Bank using CAMEL Approach

Ekta Saraswat, Rashi Gupta and Karishma Saraswat


Linkage between Financial Development and Urban-Rural Income Gap: The Test of Inclusive Financial Policies in China

Chuan Chih Ma and Min Wang


Origins of Customer Perceived Ethicality in the Service Sector in India: An Exploratory Study

A N Ravichandran, Bilal M Khan and Shanthi Venkatesh






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