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               Volume 20                                   Number 5(1)                                             May 2021



Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Investors’ Utility
Qi-Hua Huang, Tzu-Chuan Kao, Chien-Hui Wu and Chang-Cheng Changchien

Determinants of Capital Structure: An Empirical Study of firms in Indian Information Technology Industry
A. Aparna

Tourism, GDP and CO2 Emissions: Evidence from Thailand
Hsin-Pei Hsueh and Chien-Ming Wang

Does Demography and Socio-Economic Status Influence Investment Motives?
K. Riyazahmed

Exploring Dynamic and Volatility Relationship between Reinsurance and Insurance Markets
Apostolos Kiohos

Cloud Computing Financial Cost Analysis: A Comparative Study of Public Cloud Service Providers
Alok Jani and Kirti Wankhede

Do Stock Prices Affect House Prices in Emerging Market? Evidence for the Russia
Henry Koon Nam Lee

COVID-19 Awareness of People and its Impact on Lifestyle and various Sectors of the Economy
Sheetal Mahendher, Abhirupa Maiti, Arindam Debnath and Nikhil Rao

Impact of Different Shift Systems on the Anxiety Status of Clinical Nursing Staff
Yao Lin Ong, Tsung Sheng Chen and Shou-Lin Yang

Heuristics Biases among Investors and its Impact on Investment Decision and Performance
Mushtaq Ahmad Shah and B.D Mishra

Impact of Oil Price Fluctuations on Economic Growth in Algeria
Benallal Belkacem, Benbouziane Mohamed and Bourdache Chahrazed

Digital Economy and Corporate Taxes in India
Rashmi Soni, Mithun S Ullal, Pushpara, Iqbal Thonse Hawalda and Anju Vaswani

The Fintech Market Emergence in Asia
Wen-Cheng Hu and  Kuah Yoke Chin

Financial Efficiency Assessment of Power Sector in the Light of Reforms in Jammu and Kashmir
Sajid Ali Rather and Ashutosh Vashishtha

Inflation and Investment in Ghana
Jamal Mohammed, Malik Dawuda Kindo, Doris Ohene Ntim, Prince Adjei, Nsikak-Abasi A. Etim and Pradeep Mishra

Board of Directors’ Compensation, Ownership and Regulation of India's Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) 240 Firms
Rakesh Yadav

The Nigerian Cattle Market: A Cointegration Analysis
Y. M. Bulama, Y. Bila and C. O. Ojo







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