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               Volume 20                                   Number 3                                             March 2021




University Consolidation and Economies of Scale

Simon K. Medcalfe



Do Corporate Governance and Financial Capacity Influence R&D Intensity? Evidence from Indian Firms

Tarun K Soni and Sanjeewani Sehgal



Do Bilateral Export Elasticities Explain Trade Deficits of Sudan?

Amani Omer and Albert Wijeweera



Distribution of Expenditure of the National AIDS Control Programme-IV across Major Activities in Mizoram, India

Juliet F Lalzarzoliani and Srigiriraju Sandhya



Asymmetric Effects between Cryptocurrency Returns Volatility and the US Partisan Conflict Index

Nicholas Apergis, Tasawar Hayat and Tareq Saeed



A GMM based Quick Assessment Methodology to Compare Solar and Wind Energy

Amit Prakash Jha and Sanjay Kumar Singh



Bank Concentration and Interest Margins: Observing East Asian Nations

Chiung-Ying Lee and Shou-Lin Yang



Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility Practices: A Content Analysis

Jeevesh Sharma and Suhasini Verma



Impact of Remittances on Economic Growth: Evidence from India

Tamma Koti Reddy and T Sita Ramaiah



Motivation Enhancement Modeling: A Study to Explore the Connections of Open Peer Learning, Cooperation and Competence Acquisition

Cheng-Ta Lin, Pei-Ying Lin and Kuan-Yu Lin



Dichotomy in Brand Claims: Focus on Breads in NCR Region

Sarthak Sharma and Sharad Gupta



A Systematic Review on Spiritual Therapy as Assistive Rehabilitation Treatment for Children with Autism

Amily Fikry, Intan Syafinaz Mat Shafie, Siti Fatahiyah Mahmood, Nursuriati Jamil



Effect of Celebrity Gender on Social Media Audience: A Case Study of Coca-Cola Advertisement

Mohammad Razi-ur-Rahim and Furquan Uddin



Determinants of Destination Competitiveness:  A Cross-Country Dynamic Panel Analysis

Evrim Turgutlu and Pinar Narin Emirhan



From Pandemic to Academic and beyond: Online Teaching Challenges Faced by School Teachers in Gujarat, India

Rajeshwari Jain, Ranjani Srinivasan and Neha Patel



Influence of Demographic, Health Inequality and Mobility Factors on Spread of COVID 19 Cases

Shruti Aggarwal


Natural Resources and Human Development in sub-Saharan African Countries 
Le Roi Nso Fils, Eric Mouchili Moumie and Guivis Zeufack Nkemgha 

Impact of Tax Reforms on Indian Stock Market Indices: A Case Study of Goods and Services Tax 
Sanjeeb Kumar Dey and Sucheesmita Dash 








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