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               Volume 20                                   Number 2                                             February 2021



Novel Virus Pandemics and U.S. Economic Growth: Implications for COVID-19

Juliet U. Elu,  Gregory N. Price and Miesha Williams



Financial Inclusion and Economic Growth in West Africa: The Moderating Effect of Financial Openness

Ibrahim Nandom Yakubu and Alhassan Bunyaminu



Applying Behavioral Economics to Business Succession Taxation in Japan by "Reason-based Choice"

Hiromi Fujimori



Labor Market Outcomes Dependency on Education and Skill Enhancement

Hawa Singh and Anant Ashwarya



Players, Managers and Team Success in the World Cup

Veysel Avsar



Does Mean Reversion Occur in Selected African Stock Markets?

Ricky Chia Chee Jiun and Pang Wan Xin



Factors Influencing the Individual Savings Decisions of IT Sector Salaried Employees with special reference to IT Hubs in India

Kannadas S and Srilakshminarayana Gali 



Gender and Investing in Cryptocurrencies: The Role of Risk Tolerance

Chih-Feng Liao



Uncertainty Looming Large on World Trade: Can Multilateralism be the Saviour?

Anil Kumar Kanungo



Is Tax Policy Effective to Reduce Greenhouse Gas and other Emissions in Europe?

Tuğay Günel



Effects of Innovation on Exports in Spanish Cooperatives

Mercè Sala-Ríos and Teresa Torres-Solé



Power Reforms in Jammu and Kashmir: A Perspective

Sajid Ali Rather



Examining the Influence of Purchase Occasion on Consumer Preferences for Credence Attributes in the Californian Beef Market

Peter Tait, Caroline Saunders, Paul Dalziel, Paul Rutherford, Timothy Driver and Meike Guenther



An Empirical Analysis of Gold as an Investment Option

S. Durga








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