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               Volume 19                                     Number 9                                             September 2020



Macroeconomic Fundamentals of the Long-run Time Varying Correlations between Turkish and European Stock Markets

Arifenur Güngör and Mahmut Sami Güngör



A Follow-up Teaching Note on the Determinants of Regional Professional Advancement of Chief Financial Officers through Volunteerism

Kay Zekany and Musa Essayyad



Does Government Bond Market Influence Corporate Bond Market? An Empirical Analysis of India vs Asian Peers

Geetima Das Krishna and Biswajit Nag



Earnings Management and Trade Credit

Liem Thanh Nguyen



A Simultaneous-Equation Modelof Estimating Exchange Rate Pass-ThroughinIndonesia

Yu Hsing



Is Value Investment still Relevant? An Empirical Evidence from Indian Stock Market

Manas Mayur



Brazilian Competitiveness of Energy-Intensive and Trade-Exposed Industrial Sectors vis-à-vis the Adoption of Border Carbon Adjustments by the EU: An Approach using the GTAP-EP Model

Flavio Tosi Feijó and Onno Kuik



The Dark Side of the Stock Market Boom: An Empirical Study on Stock Market Fluctuations and Insomnia

Joshua Chen-Yuan Teng, Tsai-Ching Liu, Hui-Chun Peng and Chin-Shyan Chen



Gender Gap in Academic Performance in Public and Private Schools: An Analysis of Young Lives Survey for India

Kuldeep Singh Nagi  and Gummadi Sridevi



Fiscal balance and growth in the EMU: Friends or Foes?

Marios Psychalis



Factors Influencing Small and Medium Enterprise to Implement Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point: Issues and Challenges

A. R. ABD Razzif and M.D. Norzaidi



Marketing Challenges in a Non-Profit Organisation: The Case of Khadi in India

Rajan Saxena and Kiran Desai









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