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               Volume 19                                     Number 8                                             August 2020



Are the Predictions of the Mundell-Fleming Model Applicable to Hungary?

Yu Hsing



International Travel Restriction and Border Closure Estimate the Imported Cases of COVID-19, and Lock-Down Policy in New Zealand

Thanh Ngo



Diversification Possibilities in New IT Era with Cointegration technique

Parul Bhatia



Globalization, Education and Entrepreneurial Activities in Latin America: A Look at Necessity and Opportunity-driven Entrepreneurship

Dennis Barber III and Yassaman Saadatmand



Impact of Spatial Factors on Female Exclusion from the Labor Market: Empirical Evidence from the South of Italy

Melania Verde, Federica D’Isanto and Giorgio Liotti



Does Cross-Listing Create Value for Firms?

Naliniprava Tripathy



Carbon Emission and Economic Growth in ASEAN Countries: Is there an N-shaped Environmental Kuznets Curve?

Le Ha-Chi



Do Dynamic Asset Allocation Schemes Exhibit Superior Performance to Balanced Schemes? Indian Experience

VDMV Lakshmi



The Model of Production Determination through Multipliers of Expenditure. A Supraeconomic Review

Pedro Pablo Pérez and Leovardo Mata



Long-run Operating Performance of Firms and IPO Underpricing: Evidences from India

Lovleen Gupta, Amiya Kumar Mohapatra and Sheetal Maurya



Effects of Community Support to Homestay Program Performance of Registered Homestay at Labuan Federal Territory: The Moderating Effects of Self Efficacy

Emira Syafikabinti Abdul Manah, Imelda Albert Gisip and  Sharifah Nurafizah Syed Annuar



Role of Education in the Interaction between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Iran

Mehdi Aghazadeh Ajirlou, Sholeh Bagheripormehr and Hatra Voghouei











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