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Asha Prasuna


               Volume 19                                     Special Issue                                             June 2020



Identifying and Analyzing Human Resource Factors for success of Mergers and Acquisition : Indian Perspective

V. S. Parthasarathy and S.N.V. Siva Kumar



Recent Policy Initiatives to Accelerate Economic Growth: An Assessment using a Macro Econometric Model for India

K.N Murty and Asha Prasuna



An Empirical Analysis of India’s Fiscal Deficit and Inflation

Deepika Goje and Asha Prasuna



Fertilizer Subsidy and Growth of Agriculture Sector

Shaila Srivastava and Sonali Senapati



Output, Inflation and Exchange Rates in India, China and US: An Empirical Analysis

Bhaskar Gorugantu and S.N.V.Siva Kumar



Forecasting the Growth Trajectory and Diffusion of Electronic Payment Methods in the Post-demonetization 2016 Period

Shalini Talwar and Shweta Dixit



India’s Foreign Exchange Risk Management: An Investigative Study on the Linkages between Exchange Rate, Interest Rate and Inflation

Bhaskar Gorugantu and Bhargavi Karamcheti











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