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               Volume 19                                     Number 4                                             April 2020



Are Inflation Expectations Consistent? Evidence from Emerging Economies

Alberto Fuertes and Simón Sosvilla-Rivero



Changing Priorities among People in Rural India for Purchase of Life Insurance Products

Vivek Gupta and Rashmi Soni



Short Term Debt Maturity, Real Earnings Management and Firm Performance

Nguyen Thanh Liem



Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Lower Production Cost and Resolve Labour Shortage in Paddy Farming

K. Elias, M.D. Norzaidi, D. Rozhan, and W. Samsudin



Currency Appreciation and Stock Transactions in Australia

Rajarshi Mitra



Impact of Institutional Quality on Government Expenditure and Growth

Rima Mondal, Peeyush Pandey and Agrata Pandey



Determinants of Regional Professional Advancement of Chief Financial Officers through Volunteerism

Kay Zekany and Musa Essayyad



Central Government Expenditure and its Impact on GDP in India

Tamma Koti Reddy



Construction of Green Marketing Model for Enterprise Development

Chien-Chung Yu, Chun-Chu Liu and Xiyu Zhang



Volatility Spillover and Shock Transmission of Ethereum with Ripple, Stellar and Monero

Vaibhav Aggarwal and Adesh Doifode



Consumer's Sales Promotion Preference for Cellular Network Service Providers among the Youth

Neha Gupta, Krisha Udani and Jay Gala



Mobile Wallet Transforming India towards Cashless Economy

Daravath Vikas Nayak, A. Arun Kumar and Yaduvamsi Sai Krishna











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