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               Volume 19                                     Number 12                                             December 2020



International Equity Portfolio Performance - to Hedge or not to Hedge Foreign Currency Risk

Sung Ik Kim, Yannan Shen and Chengho Hsieh



Bayesian Forecasts in VAR Models: The Case of Taiwan

Chin, Kuo-Hsuan and Lin, Yen-Ju



Taming the Market? Social Capital, Bad News Disclosure, and Market Reactions

Joung W. Kim, Emre Kuvvet and Florence Neymotin



Testing the Fundamental Equations of the Permanent Income Hypothesis

Samih Antoine Azar



The Effect of Property Rights on GDP per Capita

Joshua Ang and Jason C. Patalinghug



Causal Relationship between FDI and Exports for Indian Economy: An Empirical Analysis in the Presence of Endogenous Structural Breaks.

Gurpriya Sadana



Can the Global Economy Activity Predict Cryptocurrency Returns?

Hui-Pei Cheng and Kuang-Chieh Yen



Impact of Board of Directors’ Characteristics to Firms’ Technical Efficiency: A Comparison Study for Malaysia and Singapore Family Owned and Non-family Owned Business

Wai Wah Wong, A.N. Bany-Ariffin, M.H. Yahya andTze San Ong



Poverty reduction dynamics in Brazil: A Spatial Beta Convergence Analysis across Municipalities

Carlos Eduardo Drumond, Cleiton Silva de Jesus, and Carlos Frederico A. Uchôa.



An Overview of Systematically Rejected Loan Applicants in Eurozone SMEs: Evidence from SAFE Survey

Christos Kalladranis



Stock Price index, Exchange Rate and Interest Rates of Russia

Hsin-Pei Hsueh and Fangjhy Li



Expected Inflation and Asset Returns: Some International Evidence

Javed Bin Kamal and Akhtar Hossain



Working Capital Management Efficiency of Cement Sector of India

D S Prasad and IRS Sarma



 Impact of Pandemic on Indian Economy during 2020 through Publicly Available Data, before the Vaccine 
V.N. Saxena, Neeraj Aswal and Indira Bhardwaj 




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