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               Volume 19                                     Number 10                                             October 2020


Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines for Modelling and Prediction of Wages

Sunil Sapra



China’s Demographic Impact on the Bilateral US Current Account Balance

Kazuyuki Inagaki



Causal nexus between Stock Market, Economic Growth, Inflation and FDI  in India: An Econometric Analysis

Khushboo Aggarwal and Mithilesh Kumar Jha



Geopolitical Risk and Cryptocurrency Market

Hui-Pei Cheng, Kuang-Chieh Yen and Shih-Yung Chiu



Evaluating the Euler Equation in an Open Economy Framework with Time-Varying Preference Rate

Alberto Ronchi Neto and Osvaldo Candido



Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Implementation and Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises

A. R. Abd Razzif and M.D. Norzaidi



Religiosity and Corporate Governance: Evidence from Islamic Countries

Naiwei Chen



Khadi: Marketing Initiatives and Outcome 2015-19

Rajan Saxena and Kiran Desai



Effects of Corporate Strategies on Business Performance: The Case of Taiwan’s Life Insurance Industry

Li-Su Huang and Chin-Huo Hsu



Strategies for Reducing Mental Health Stigma: A Review

Shweta Aggarwal



Relationship between Financial Regulation, Supervision, and Efficiency of Banks: Evidence from Developing and Developed Countries in Asia

Hui-Fun Yu, Lien-Wen Liang and Ulziijargalan Dorj



Attendance and Exam Performance: Evidence from Graduate Economics Students in India

Rahul Nilakantan



Herding and Financial Decision: Proposing an Islamic Model of Tabayyun

Marhanum Che Mohd Salleh and Ahmad Fawwaz Mohd Nasarudin









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